DayZ developers hacked, source code reportedly stolen


By on May 15, 2014 at 8:17 am

DayZ has already got a reputation for constantly having to deal with servers full of hackers, and it looks like things could see get worse with claims that the source code for the standalone game has been stolen from Bohemia.

An alleged hacker going by the alias “DevDomo” posted a variety of screenshots, alongside claims that they broke open Bohemia’s servers thanks to SQL injections.

In a statement to Rely on Horror, Bohemia acknowledged that they had “detected an attack” but that “the precise nature and scope of this attack is currently being extensively investigated”.

A debugging tool for the DayZ executable has also reportedly been released, which may lead to the development of further hacks and exploits.

DayZ lead Rocket has yet to make an official statement.

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Welp, on the bright side, looks like WARZ is about to get a major update once the source is ported over!




And the developer incompetence award goes to…

Seriously, Bohemia had a Golden Goose but they let it fly away.

In other news:


Time to find another game to replace DayZ now


Well I guess that’s the end of DayZ.


And that’s the end of Day Z. Congratulations, to the complete asshat who went and did this.


The faster exploits and bugs are discovered, the faster they should be fixed. Now that this has been leaked, the devs should immediately move to an open source model and allow their huge community to contribute patches.


And hacks. Open source is an invitation to rampant hacking, cheating, and exploiting. You cannot expect every single person who gets their hands on the code to be legit about it. And the more time spent fixing flaws and problems and exploits, the less time spent on actually finishing and developing the game.

EDIT – And another thing. How long do you think they’re going to spend developing the game now, once word of mouth of the hacking spreads about? The sales will drop off, the money will stop coming in. Time spent dealing with the effects of the hackers ruining the game will drain away from time spent adding features. Eventually a half finished product will be released with tools for community support. And every time you try to play, there will be one complete asshole who will run a hack because it is funny to their prepubescent, undeveloped personality and ruin your experience, and you’ll leave the game and not come back due to the bad taste it left in your mouth.

Hackers ruined the mod for the majority of players. How on earth can you say this isn’t the beginning of the exact same thing?


Jonathan Maloney: The sales will drop off, the money will stop coming in.

You say that like they care ? They already made so much money it wasn’t funny, it’s not like development for day z has been in over drive up until this point or anything.


so the problem with this is the hive server we’re all connected to, when this problem started happening in the arma 2 engine, because of how easy it is to script, the only option was to release the hive software and allow people to run their own hives with whitelists/ blacklists, this is the same situation if the hackers are starting to popup.
but they should have allowed people to do that from the very start


Welp, on the bright side, looks like WARZ is about to get a major update once the source is ported over!



great, there are already so many hackers in the game, this game just cant catch a break. I was really looking forward to the major updates like persistent storage and base building, but now im not so sure. I might just wait for Arma 3 Epoch because the arma 2 epoch is everything day z should be…


Whoever stole the source code will probably have a pirated version of DayZ finished and released faster than current devs will :P


Don’t know whats funnier,

Welp, on the bright side, looks like WARZ is about to get a major update once the source is ported over!

that, or that they got hacked by SQL injection :/ (Its really simple exploit, the premise is just inputting a string into a SQL input query and it makes the database do retarded shit.)


SQL Injection? SERIOUSLY? This is akin to leaving a window unlocked and open on the first floor -_-…


Jonathan Maloney:

Hackers ruined the mod for the majority of players.How on earth can you say this isn’t the beginning of the exact same thing?

Open source does not exclusively lead to hacking. It also leads to a proportional amount of community participation in closing exploitable vulnerabilities. The CMS this very website runs on is open source, but it certainly is not hackable (unless there’s a crap plugin installed, or something).

I’m not saying that this leak won’t lead to the exact same thing, I’m saying that the only way to combat it effectively is to move to a completely open source model. Half assing it means only the developers themselves can patch hacks and exploits, something that just never happens.


Also, I don’t see how SQL injection could lead to the exploiter getting access to the source code. From what I can see, they have their source in Git.

The only way SQL injection could lead to gaining access to a Git repository that I can think of is if login credentials to wherever the repository is hosted were stored in plain text, which is really dodgy.

mattsniper360 these videos were posted on the 2nd of may, so this hack must have happened over two weeks ago, someone has hacked in parachutes, vehicles, helicopters, jumbo jets

hmm makes you wonder how long til rocket puts in vehicles… if a hacker could do it this quick..


Well if the guy has the source code, this wasn’t “hacked” in at all. It was just added to the project and the “features” don’t seem to be functional.. for example, the parachute is just on the guys back. I’m not a game developer, but I don’t think that would take very long at all.


Welp, on the bright side, looks like WARZ is about to get a major update once the source is ported over!

LOL. Wonder how old mate Sergei is doing.

Just putting it out there, Bohemia should really get onto the whole ‘security’ thing, y’know, maybe even hire some people to do it for them. Every ArmA game has relied on third-party antihacks because of how easy it is to script in them, and now the source code of DayZ is made available through SQL injection? That’s pretty embarrassing.

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