Australian Government to cut all funding to local games industry

Joe Hockey

By on May 14, 2014 at 8:41 am

The Australian game development scene has been dealt a massive blow overnight, with the latest Federal budget completely gutting the Australian Interactive Games Fund.

The fund, announced in November 2012 by Simon Crean, had $10 million remaining for the 2014 – 2015 financial year. That $10 million has now been cut.

“The Government will achieve savings of $10.0 million in 2014‑15 by ceasing the Australian Interactive Games Fund from 1 July 2014,” reads the official statement. “The savings from this measure will be redirected by the Government to repair the Budget and fund policy priorities.”

Defiant Development’s Morgan Jaffit, most recently working on Hand of Fate, said on Facebook that “The Games Fund allowed those developers to create IP, start businesses, and build an Australian game culture that was locally owned and locally built.”

“It lead to games like Framed, which has won an IGF Award for Excellence in Design (pretty much an Oscar for games). It lead to games like Armello, which just raised $300k on Kickstarter. It lead to companies like Uppercut and Defiant. It lead to a new wave of game development in Australia, supported by events like Freeplay, GCAP, and PAX. It helped to create a sense of family in the Australian game industry that is carrying us forward today.”

“The fund is gone. The fruits of that fund remain. The people responsible for the fund have a lot to be proud of. Australian dev will carry on, although the road just got harder.”

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And yet another group of people pissed off by the current government. THANKS TONY ABBOTT!

Please block supply so that we can haz double dissolution.


Because ballerinas and school chaplains are more important :/
Last time I checked they didn’t have the potential to tap into a multi billion dollar industry.


Who here is honestly chocked by it though?

I mean he’s taken money of out Universal Healthcare to pump money into researching a cure for a disease that is one of the most profitable in the word, which ensures there will be no cure for a long time to come.

I’ve been donating to curing cancer for well over 15 years and we still don’t have a cure, I’d hate to think how much money has been pumped into it.


Further pushing us into the dark ages.

Each time these twits speak they screw over any bit of progress we’ve made as a nation, it’s actually looking more like they want to hamper our development than anything with the recent cuts to the technology sector but increasing help in the tradie sector.

I’m so tired of our current government, makes me wish I could move to Antarctica.


Either there already is a cure for cancer or there never will be. With all the funding various organizations have received it’s delusional to believe we haven’t cured it yet.

In a business view it’s more profitable to “treat” cancer than it is to cure it and that’s why it will never be cured or the cure will never be made available. Pharmaceutical companies see the population as numbers not lives.



You can if you get a job out there :)


Please tell me we cut arts funding … as in all of it, screw film/painting/music.


Dear Tony Abbot,

You’re a (removed).

I can’t believe this (removed) got voted in and that people are standing for these implemented changes. This country is officially the nation of (removed) now. You can also bet those corrupt politicians won’t take any pay cuts in the new budget, nor will they have to wait until the age of 70 to retire.

I am so sick of this crap.

EDIT: Please do not use words like that on this site. Thanks. -Tim



They have been placed on a “wage freeze” but these f*****s make anywhere between 140-200k a year and then you throw in all the travel expenses and strip clubs. Really they should be cut in salary down to 70-80k.



One would assume so. To be honest I’ve always taken issue with the way funding happens in Australia anyhow. I know someone who’s been trying to tap into government funding to set up a food barn selling cheap food to those below the poverty line, he got knocked back but a local group of rich folk just got government funding to set up a local football team to enter into the NRL. Yay priorities. <_<

Anyone else seeing some similarities here?


better this than completely out of education i guess. still a pity


Just on the cancer cure thing, cancer is really a name for a rather large collection of things, so it’s not just a matter of curing cancer and you’re done, could well cure one specific type, leaving may untouched.

On the topic of the article, and really most of the budget, eugh.





Yea … grant systems can be incredibly stupid and often their sense of priority is way wrong.



I realise that mate, but out of all the cancers we’ve currently recorded, I haven’t heard of one that’s been cured.



I realise that mate, but out of all the cancers we’ve currently recorded, I haven’t heard of one that’s been cured.

We haven’t cured lots of things that can impact the human body, that doesn’t mean they can’t be cured, or that we shouldn’t try.

I don’t buy into the Tinfoil hat theories of it’s cured and they’re just not selling isaid cure and making money off it.


Cutting relatively small time funding like these projects , is ridiculous , not to mention spending $12 billion on aircraft with a reduced capability than the fa-18e/f’s we have in service currently , welcome to the united states of Australia , where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The last few governments have been a complete joke and have cost this country greatly.



I realise that mate, but out of all the cancers we’ve currently recorded, I haven’t heard of one that’s been cured.

What ever they find to cure one cancer will work to cure them all, cancer is basically your own cells gone bad and your body doesn’t identify them as bad so doesn’t do anything about them (on a side note every healthy person kills cancer cells inside their body everyday, it’s only once this process fails that we say someone has cancer).

They know what they need to do (come up with a way to make your own body identify and kill the cancer or a treatment that can target cancer), they just don’t know how to do it yet.


ralphwiggum: Because ballerinas and school chaplains are more important :/
Last time I checked they didn’t have the potential to tap into a multi billion dollar industry.

Yes but our government won’t get glared at in church on Sunday mornings for cutting funding to school chaplains (which are 100% unneeded).



On a basic level yes, but there’s no shortage of articles etc that disagree that once we cure one type we’ll cure all types. If you’ve anything to point me toward that supports a cure one cure all hypothesis, I’d be quite interested to read it, as it’s honestly not something I can recall having much weight behind it

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