Arma 3 outlines its roadmap for 2015 – tutorial, DLC and expansions incoming


By on May 5, 2014 at 4:10 pm

Those slappywags over at Bohemia Interactive have been hard at work supporting Arma 3 since its release in September last year. They’ve already made some progress, completing the Single Player campaign and releasing Zeus, the free multiplayer DLC. They are not content to rest on their laurels however, and in a recent post on the developer’s blog, they outlined their goals for the next year.

The goals separate into three types – Platform Updates, DLC and Expansion plans. The platform updates include the release of a tutorial called ‘Bootcamp’, a new Game Launcher with mod and command-line support and extended Steam Workshop support to aid in the installation of mods.

As Bohemia Interactive have explained before, their DLC strategy is “features are free, content is paid” – and the upcoming DLC has significant implications for players whether they buy DLC or not. New transport helicopters are planned, along with a selective implementation of Take On Helicopter‘s RotorLib FDM – which will be available to all helicopters. A variety of new weapons will also be implemented in the Marksmen DLC due to follow the Helicopters DLC, and alongside the various new ranged and high calibre weapons, BI plans on overhauling Arma 3′s shooting mechanics – making them simple to pick up and difficult to master.

Finally, we can probably expect an Arma 3 expansion sometime in late 2015 – although BI are nowhere near ready to share many details just yet. They have selected a new terrain however, and they are looking at ‘making investments in civilian life and diversity’, whatever that could mean. Unlike Operation Arrowhead, the Arma 3 expansion will be tied to the base game as opposed to a standalone title.

I’ve only summarised the details here, if you’re interested you should definitely check out the full blog post. It all sounds pretty exciting to be honest, although I’m most interested in the change in helicopter flight mechanics. You would be too, if you’d seen me fly a helicopter.

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I haven’t tried it in Arma 3 yet, but the .50BMG rifles from Operation Arrowhead can damage or disable the engine and tailrotor of helicopters (tested it against a Hind a while back) providing you can lead and adjust the shot correctly. So there’s a good chance the Gepard rifle can bring down a helicopter already.



Freaking noice.



I’ve tried some sniperrifles from mods and it turns out that explosive ammo sometimes makes it incredibly easy to kill helicopter pilots.

Oh and try shooting quadbikes.
Back in alpha I spent a whole evening together with a pal on Stratis, using MCC to spawn quadbikes all over the place and sniping them with high calibre rifles.

They tend to go boom with 1-2 shots when you hit the right spot. Great fun. :)

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