Wolfenstein: The New Order pre-orders come with TF2 stuff


By on April 20, 2014 at 11:26 am

When you pre-order Wolfenstein: The New order on Steam you get access to a deeply mysterious “Doom beta”, and yet somehow Bethesda thinks we need more incentive to slap our cash down for a game about going on a Nazi killing rampage.

To this end, Steam pre-orders now offer two Team Fortress 2 items – Die Regime-Panzerung and Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm.

Developed by MachineGames, Wolfenstein is coming in May and you know what? We’re actually pretty excited.

Source: Steam

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Do you really want to pay the “Fuck you” tax though?


33.31% cheaper for America. Scumbag Bethesda at it again. I think I’ll get Watch Dogs instead.


It’s $48 at Greenman With the current 20% voucher (O3H7FE-D4NFO0-F0LIGK) which gives you the same free game and beta access. (actually it looks like the Steam version doesn’t even get you the free game)
$41 at Ozgameshop (digital code) without the extra goodies presumably.

Are people really willing to pay an extra 40~50 dollars just for some TF2 hats from the steam version’s Aus gouged $90 price? Who are these people?



TF2 players who only play to get more hats.



Well … I’ll pay $11 more to get it on steam … Just because im lazy and $59.99 isn’t a whole lot of money.



Well … I’ll pay $11 more to get it on steam … Just because im lazy and $59.99 isn’t a whole lot of money.

Its not worth helping people like you. They’re trying to save people money here and at the same time make this geolocking bullshit unprofitable so that these companies stop doing it. But you’re too lazy to give a shit. I don’t get some people. I for one am thankful people are looking at alternative places to shop and posting them here.


This. The more people buy these games the more companies will feel like ripping us off.


You both understand you’re still buying the game right ? When they look at the numbers that look at “of sales” now best case scenario would be no one buys from steam in which case why put your product on that market at all. It won’t effect regional pricing or geoblocking. Which I personally don’t experience receiving U.S pricing on steam and really not caring about savings <$20 because it's not worth my time and effort.


spooler:It won’t effect regional pricing or geoblocking. Which I personally don’t experience receiving U.S pricing on steam..

I…don’t think this discussion is aimed at or applies to you in which case… -_-



Yea geo-blocking/regional pricing has no effect on my life at all. Well… I mean Russia gets things cheaper than I do but meh.

Don’t get me wrong it’s horrible what publishers do. But buying things cheaper won’t change their behaviour.


So you use a VPN, trade or get an overseas person to gift purchase to you from steam, either way you’re jumping through hoops to pay the proper US price which makes your uncalled for ‘lazyness’ and ‘too much time and effort’ comments baffling at best.



Due to the large amount of time I spent in the states Steam customer service got sick of giving me store front access back to the Australian store front and set my account up as some kind of stuck on U.S pricing account type deal. Down side is I don’t get un-metered steam content anymore Not that that really matters because I don’t go near my cap anyways.

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