Watch Dogs won’t have a pre-release demo due to time constraints


By on April 1, 2014 at 9:16 pm

Watch Dogs‘ creative director Jonathan Morin has explained that a lack of time before the May release of the game will prevent Ubisoft from releasing a demo.

Responding to strangely demanding questions on Twitter, Morin said that there was “no demo planned before release” because doing demos “takes time”, and that “the focus is on the game”.

“You will see more footage before release,” he reassured.

Look for Watch Dogs on May 27. In the meantime, watch this new open-world video of Watch Dogs and see what you think.

Source: Twitter, here and here (via Gamespot)

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Uh-oh. Massive crunch and publishers banging on release schedules inevitably means a game is going to fail to meet it’s potential.


These days this barely qualifies as news. Sad times we live in. Though of course we all know that lack of time isn’t the real reason for no demo.


Massive failure of a game incoming.. I was looking forward to this.


How is it a failure of the game already? Some awesome games never had a hint of a demo.

Lack of time is a perfectly valid reason, even if it has a different root cause (ie funds to hire a developers to spend the time on the demo). Even if the demo is just the first mission of the game, someone has to spend the time to remove other material and cut it down to things they want to show off in the demo, and if they want the demo to show off things that happen later in the game, then that mission would need to be changed to incorporate that.




Barely any of the so-called Triple A game studios bother to release demos any more. Once upon a time I would have refused to play a game if there was no demo, nowadays it’s impossible to stick to those standards and you’ve just got to leap blindly into games hoping they’ll run properly and you’ll like them.


no pre release demo.. meaning no fake 3-days-before-release beta?

Good, hopefully they really are focusing on quality control instead of shameless interactive pre-release marketing (like so many other so called Betas).

Thermal Ions


Hence to me, no demo = minimise risk by waiting until either (a) trust worthy reviews of the final released game from like minded players/reviewers or (b) wait until it’s discounted to the degree that you can accept the loss should it be absolute cr@p. Given my current backlog it tends to be (a) and (b) rather than (a) or (b).


I think Demos are pointless anyway if they require a large download/install because I recall a lot of demos starting to pass the 7GB mark which is quite a waste of quota for just 15 minutes.

I rely purely on reviews etc to form my opinion on whether to get a game or not.

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