Watch Dogs was delayed so Ubisoft Montreal could polish the game, developer says

Watch Dogs

By on April 11, 2014 at 6:59 am

Watch Dogs, as we all now by know, will finally see the light of day after a staggering six month delay. But in a new interview with Edge Magazine, co-art director Mathieu Leduc says that “we just polished” over that timeframe. “Naturally, with an open-world game, you polish the main path and you kind of… not let go of the side stuff, but overpolish the main path. So this extension allowed us to just go back and polish a little more of the side stuff, the hidden stuff that’s not on the main path,” Leduc added.

It’s a staggering quote considering it’s almost completely at odds with the explanation provided by creative director Jonathan Morin for the delay. “I can’t say anything like, ‘It was completely broken.’ It’s not even necessarily that something tangibly wasn’t working,” Morin said. “It’s more that when [we crammed] all the features together, we started reacting to all the issues. And there were too many issues.”

The only way I can make sense of it is that there was little work required on the art over the final six months, which makes a lot more sense when Morin talks about the in-game systems. “Sometimes you fall into a situation where you have to use your Plan B instead of your Plan A, because you don’t have enough time to solve it properly. I think what happened is that at some time we started to use our Plan B too much, and it wasn’t really conveying what Watch Dogs was expected to be,” he said.

The entire interview speaks with multiple developers working on Watch Dogs; it’s an excellent read for a lazy Friday. Watch Dogs is due out on May 27.

Source: Thanks, Edge!

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First PC Trailer is finally here



Looks much better than all the console footage lately but still not quite equal to the original reveals.



Looks much better than all the console footage lately but still not quite equal to the original reveals.

It does ? I mean it looks a little better I guess … but it’s no where near current gen levels of prettiness, like say … second son.

Also by the sounds of it it’s Nvidia only prettiness .


Only TXAA (the anti texture crawl AA method) won’t work on AMD. Expect the same level of prettiness shown in the video to be available on AMD cards.

Also the issue right now is that the city looks static, the original reveal showed a very organic looking city with people legitimately going about their business and things blowing in the breeze. The breeze appears to still be around but extremely scaled back but like the console footage citizens feel more generic and static.

Though those godrays looked terrible.


Title for this is a bit funny, we already knew that it was delayed for polishing:

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