Titanfall: The Final Hours book arrives on Steam, forum users outraged


By on April 17, 2014 at 2:10 pm

Another “Final Hours” book has arrived, with Geoff Keighley putting together a 25,000 word look behind the scenes at the development of Titanfall over the past four years. There’s only one problem: it’s on Steam, and Titanfall definitely isn’t.

Predictably, this disparity has caused the Steam forums for the app to be flooded with complaints from angry gamers, including comments such as “if you are going to advertise your Game on Steam then bring the game to Steam”, and “they won’t sell their games on Steam but they will try to gain our interest in their games by releasing developer diaries for them on Steam?!”

Nevertheless if you would like to buy this two dollar book and learn more about Titanfall, you can do so here.

Source: Thanks, Mike

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The portal 2 one was pretty interesting, and though I don’t have Titanfall I might pick this one up too


They do have a fair point. If you’re going to put something like this on Steam, you should also post the game it concerns on Steam too.

That said, Titanfall does rely on the Origin client so it’s going to be hard to decouple that from the game. In the end, if it does end up coming to Steam, it’ll function in the same way as Uplay games on Steam function (launch game through Steam which then launches Origin which then launches the actual game).



Except that EA didn’t put it on Steam, Geoff Keighley and Gametrailers did.



Even so, the game it concerns should still be on Steam too. Otherwise it just looks like shitty advertising.



Yeah presumably they’re selling the book with licence.


Wow, I was surprised to see my words were quoted in this article. :O
Thanks. You guys rock! :)
This is the first time I’m on this Web site but I see a lot of interesting stuff. :)
I will definitely keep up with this site. :D


I get their point. Why would you put this on Steam but not the game? :S


Company A released the game, Company B released this.

A != B.

Yeah it’s a bit weird, but not hard to understand the difference.



I can only think because of Marketing and Desperation. :/


Company A released the game, Company B released this.

A != B.

Yeah it’s a bit weird, but not hard to understand the difference.

Oh wait I get it now. I thought EA put it out.


in the future they should not get Geoff “Doritos and Mountain Dew Please Kill Me” Keighley involved. It’d be better if they got someone who wasn’t incharge of marketing to do a behind the scenes. More importantly.. shouldn’t stuff like this be in the collectors edition?


Edit: fuck it I can’t be bothered


I get their point. Why would you put this on Steam but not the game? :S

Probably because they had no choice but to release the game on origin since EA published it…it’s not really rocket science, im sure the developers would have loved to release it on steam.

Why are all these people so pissed off lol Angry gamers, nothing else out there like them!


Does anyone else see this is as more of a middle finger to EA for forcing them to be exclusive rather than a middle finger to the gamers who are not inconvenienced one bit?

That is what it looks like to me…

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