Titanfall developers talk the problem, effect and challenge of cheating


By on April 7, 2014 at 6:56 pm

Those of you with normal human-like memories will no doubt remember a few weeks ago, when Respawn Entertainment announced that their new anti-cheat system was up and running, taking cheats out of Titanfall‘s regular matchmaking pool and pairing them up with other cheats in ‘the Wimbledon of aimbot contests.” It was a cool move, I think we can all agree, but it held some reservations.

Fortunately, in a new interview with Gamasutra, Respawn Entertainment’s network engineer Jon Shiring and community manager Abbie Heppe hope to answer those reservations, by explaining the motivation behind Titanfall‘s anti-cheat system and its effect on the game.

The main force behind Respawn’s anti-cheat systems is the middleware product Fairfight – also used in Battlefield 4 – which Respawn seems pretty taken with:

I think they have a great product and they’ve given me nothing but confidence in it. I have yet to see any false reporting of cheaters in it. Battlefield has been using it with great success as well.

I feel like the subtext to this is a question I get asked a lot: “Will I get banned for exploiting bugs or glitches in the game?” No, we’re careful to look at each cheating scenario and see if it’s a bug, a cheat, or just an unexpected use of the game.

In some cases they are really rare bugs, and we don’t punish the players for that — we’ve spent considerable time investigating those to see how they could happen. In many cases, we can fix it with a server patch so the bug just goes away.

We feel pretty confident that we can only flag players who are actually cheating.

The rest of the interview is well worth reading too, particularly if you’re interested in how cheating effects game design. I really wish I could find a video of Titanfall cheats going at it though, that sounds like it would be awesome to watch.

Source: Gamasutra

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It all sounds good but there is still something that is stopping me from purchasing the game, I cant pin point it but im hesitant(for now).

A few of my mates have it and love it but everyone else is still play BF4 and that game shits me to tears, which is a shame considering ive been playing BF since 42.

Anyway I have to ask what is the cheating like in this game compared to BF? IS it just the same, better or worse?



Back story- No interest in Titan Fall what so ever-

So I went into my Origin games to see if BF4 was going to work on this day, turned out it wasn’t (who would think!) and than I saw Titan Fall beta in my games list, So sure enough I gave it a try, Not often do I look at something and go “Oh wow… just wow”, but after the 1st match that’s all I was able to think, everything just felt perfectly balanced in a sense, Hard to balance a game where one team can be in GIANT FACE CRUSHING ROBOT MECHS OF DEATH and the other team are just foot sollys running around playing with walls, Yet they managed to do so in such a way that yer…. you can call in a G.F.C.R.M.O.D or you can just run around ripping the back protective armor off its head and put that nice satchel charge you have been saving up for a special occasion in it.

After the Beta its safe to say I put in a pre-order, with my only complaint being the transition from foot solly to hoping into the mech being a tiny bit “jittery”. Come full game even that has been fixed, smooth as Patrick Stewart’s head.

For comparisons sake (usually would not compare it with BF4) sadly that’s more than I can say about BF4, Personally I seem to suffer a very odd router issue preventing me from playing the game at all (how ever I also happen to be one of those odd people who have a second router if I HAVE to play), But when I do get a chance to play, my time is often spent having a good time, a laggy, buggy, jittery good time where I get killed from behind walls every so often for no apparent reason, but a good time none the less.

Titan Fall worth the money- Happy I got it, BF4 not so much – regrets so many regrets.


It’s definitely worth it to some people. I enjoy it a lot, but I still play battlefield for my battlefield fix. BF4 scratches the itch for large scale vehicle warfare, Titanfall fully satisfies the deathmatch arena compulsion. It actually reminds me a lot of classic Unreal Tournament. It’s just fun.


I really wish I could find a video of Titanfall cheats going at it though, that sounds like it would be awesome to watch.

Watching people headshot each other from opposite sides of the map is not my idea of good viewing. Additionally you’re only rewarding their douchebaggery by watching their monetised videos.

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