The Elder Scrolls Online’s new cinematic trailer ‘The Siege’ shows the war raging across Cyrodiil

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By on April 7, 2014 at 3:09 pm

Bethesda released an awesome new cinematic trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online on the weekend, in which we see the Imperial City laid siege to from the ravaged battlefield which was once the rolling hills of Cyrodiil.

And while I hesitate to use this word, given how warped it has become these days, it’s a frigging epic trailer. Check it out embedded below, and check out the official site for more information.

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Not sure what’s going on. I did see the other cinematic though.


Yeah that made no sense. The guy seems to save her last cinematic but now they’re using her as a slave weapon and then the whole thing ends with no conclusion.


These trailers couldn’t be more removed from the actual game.


I’m playing the game and I have no idea what this cutscene is about, or is supposed to be about.


Developer releases insanely high quality pre-rendered cinematic – awesome!
Uploads it to youtube, home to incredibly low bitrate (but still 1080p!) videos – fail. >_<

Where can i find a good quality version of this?
Game On Net used to have a file library for quality versions of game trailers, alas no more…


There are three cinimatics and all tie together

1st and best viking rouge and mage take on the fortress.

2nd where a 4th comes to the party and seems to take over the rouge.

3rd where the viking uses the captured mage to take on the now undead rouge.

If you have 20 minutes to watch them its worth it. Like spooler said nothing to do with the game but bring on the movie already.



I’ve seen all 3 and while the first flowed into the second quite nicely the third is quite random. Captured is hardly the vibe the end of the second video gave off, the second was more about the 3 people joining forces against a common foe.


The way i see it is

First movie is all three factions are marching towards cyrodiil, and all happen to converge on the same point.

Second movie is an anchor from Mal borg drops and they get together to fend it off, once its gone its back to old rivalries.

Third movie is showing that the ebonheart pact leader was victories, captured mage women for a weapon and marched on cyrodiil that happens to be ruled by the bad necro guy.



This could probably be used on a psych course on how people interpret intentions and motivations.

If you identified with the viking dude in the first two you might imagine him being essentially good and rescuing the mage at the end, which clashes with the treatment of the mage in the third. Nothing actually indicate him being nice person in the first two so my take is he was never a heroic savior of mages to begin with and the three were essentially just focusing on a bigger threat rather than teaming up.

I saw the 3rd before the 2nd which would change my perception of things as well.


These trailers couldn’t be more removed from the actual game.

Yep, bascially they are advertising what you wont experience in the game.

“see all this cool stuff? well thats not in our game.”

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