Oculus Rift staff dealing with death threats since Facebook announcement

Palmer Luckey Oculus Rift

By on April 1, 2014 at 9:23 pm

The surprise announcement that Facebook would be buying Oculus Rift for $2 billion made a lot of Facebook-haters angry, but according to Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, some haters have taken it further than others.

“We expected a negative reaction from people in the short term,” said Luckey in a Reddit thread here.

“We did not expect to be getting so many death threats and harassing phone calls that extended to our families.”

Lucky described the behaviour as “unwarranted”, especially because it was “impacting people who have nothing to do with Oculus”.

“We know we will prove ourselves with actions and not words,” he added.

Source: Thanks, Luke

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thats really terrible :/
in regards to the facebook buyout, They’re just diversifying. As Ive said to people, their run of luck with Facebook is going to inevitably end and profits will dry up – look at MySpace. If they just put their profits in a huge money bin (and don’t invest it) they’re not really gaining any incremental earnings for their shareholders, whereas this type of diversification into an almost entirely different field to their current business, especially at what is for all intensive porpoises at the ground floor could have a huge payoff. Maybe Oculus would have remained a relatively small cult product for hardcore gamers, but now that Facebook can float them those marketing bucks it could just as easily become a household name.

While most of their acquisitions thus far have been in the social media sphere, I think we’ll see them either acquiring or providing venture capital to a lot of up and coming product streams/ideas.


Sad. Very sad.

The death threats I mean. Not the buyout.


Death threats are pretty stupid. I don’t like Facebook, no point upsetting someones peace of mind.

If you are not happy don’t buy one. But one of the eventual competitors who will undoubtedly produce a comparable (possibly superior) product.

Never a need for death threats.


God there are some truly sad, sick fucks in this world. They need to get a life.


What people seem to fail to understand is that the buyout is exactly what Oculus needed to really get into gear. So, Facebook was the investor if not them, who else was going to throw $2 billion at it, they aren’t just going to shut down the gaming aspect either. Death threats are just childish and sick, I just hope that the police catch at least some of them.


Oh FFS this is beyond retarded.

I hate Facebook with a passion, but this is ludicrous.

Nasty Wet Smear

Proportional reactions are not what these people are good at.


You know … every-time this happens I wonder if removing anonymity from the internet might not be such a bad idea …


Good to see we have sensible folk on these forums!

Personally I think Oculus’s future is looking better than ever now and assuming that Facebook do leave them to their own devices we shall eventually look down upon those naysayers who swung from the trees like monkeys when the buyout was announced!


Oh FFS this is beyond retarded.

I hate Facebook with a passion, but this is ludicrous.


A death threat is much more likely to impact the work on Oculus than any buyout ever would.

They need to track down these child minded individuals and punch them in the dick.


Whats the bet that the people making death threats are also facebook users.

I have some friends on my facebook who are pissed about the buy out, yet they use facebook everyday.

Seriously, facebook buyout is a good thing! Just because ‘Facebook Inc’ brought Oculus, doesn’t mean there going to incorporate it into their ‘Facebook Service’. Oculus now have a large company backing them so thats a huge tick for R&D.

It’s not like only games you’re going to get on a facebook owned Oculus is farmville or zynga poker!


Not sure of the law in the US but Hopefully the police will follow up the threats and make an example of these morons.

I hope with the extra capital they continue their enthusiasm and passion to see an excellent game changing product hit the shelf.


This is why games and gaming continues to be treated like the bastard step child of the arts and culture. Not because of the violent content, but the emotional retardation of the not-quite-minority griefing portion of its consumer base


You are a low individual make death threats. Seriously if someone offered you 2 Billion Dollars for a product you have design you would jump at it in a heart beat….


I’m against the buyout as much as the next guy but messing with someones family is a BIG NO NO im my book!


wow, how fucked up are some people. Threatening families as well, hope the police find em. Or someone else kicks the shit out of them, either one works

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