Hearthstone players to be encouraged to meet up IRL with new “Fireside Gatherings”


By on April 22, 2014 at 4:57 pm

If one of the things you enjoy most about online gaming is the lack of human contact, then look away: Blizzard are trying to tempt Hearthstone players to meet up with special rewards as part of a program called “Fireside Gatherings”.

According to this announcement post here, you can unlock the rewards by playing three matches against another player on the same network using the following criteria:

  • At least three people (including yourself) must be logged into Hearthstone on the same subnet.
  • Each match must be played against a player that is playing on the same subnet as you.
  • These matches can be played against your friends or using the Player Near Me feature, as long as the above two criteria are met.

You can learn more about these gatherings here, and if you know of any going on near you, feel free to tell others about it in the comments!

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So basically im going to copy the game onto my laptop and old computer and reap the rewards?


This is a cool idea. If I actually knew other people who were into video games and had invested more time in Hearthstone I might go to one of these.


No blizzard, this isnt going to be that big that people meet up to play it and hold major events and it becomes one of those historical and household TCG names no matter how hard you try, not with, hearthstone….

You wanted to make your casual and quaint little card game, for some reason, now reap the casual and quaint little popularity of it, what were you expecting exactly?

Goodluck with your next attempt at making a casual and quaint little (and probably cheap in the process) game become a major hit, heroes of the storm.



Isn’t hearthstone hugely popular ? I’d meet up with people to play it if it were out on android


Hah, sounds awesome.
Now I just need to get interested in this hearthstone, whatever it is.



Yeah never heard of it. What is it, some sort of cooking appliance for open fires?


Oh, I definitely want it now.
Landlord probably won’t be happy though.


I’ve only started playing this in the last few days, never having previously thought I would enjoy a card based game like that, and I have been pleasantly surprised by it. The starting tutorial missions/games do a great job of teaching the gameplay.



Yeah never heard of it.What is it, some sort of cooking appliance for open fires?

I thought it was the Bakery simulator DLC for Skyrim.



Hugely popular? No its not, its somewhat popular *atm* but is that because of the game/gameplay? or because of the name Blizzard attached to it? Or because of all the marketing to build the hype before being released? Or because its only just been released, so the novelty factor hasn’t worn off yet?

Lets see how long it stays popular for, once people play it for more than a few weeks….

I had a blast playing it and thought it was the best thing ever during beta, for a week.

Partly due to the pay-to-win cash shop for cards (Lets be honest.) but conveniently they can hide behind the fact that in the TCG genre in general you purchase the cards with real money.

What a coincidence blizzard made a game in a genre where you buy each thing to play with, with real money, as a standard practice, good way to not look bad while trying to get extra money *cough* appaling gear drops and real money auction house *cough*

But of course you can earn it using in game currency (But no-one ever mentions the fact it takes months and months and months and months of grinding to do so, against players with the best cards they got in one day by buying them ;)

Have fun with that.

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