Giveaway Time: Win a Gigabyte Tegra NOTE 7 gaming tablet

By on April 29, 2014 at 11:09 am

As part of an advertising campaign last month, Gigabyte sent us a shiny new Tegra NOTE 7 tablet to play around with. Our intention was to review it and then give it away, but sadly we just haven’t found the time — so we’re just skipping to the giveaway part!

This time around we’re doing something special for our Facebook users — I know you aren’t all on Facebook, but at least 32,000 of you are, so here’s something special for you! Entering the competition is easy:

  1. Like the official Facebook page (you have probably already done this, because you are so handsome and talented)
  2. Leave a comment below of 100 words or less that explains how owning a shiny new Tegra-powered tablet will fill a hole in your gaming life.

That’s it!

The Tegra NOTE 7

Powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 4 72-core GPU, the NOTE 7 packs the latest gaming hardware into a handy tablet form. With a 5 megapixel always-on HDR camera, a 1280 x 800 7″ HD IPS LCD screen with backlight, 16 GB of storage and a patented chisel-tip stylus, it’s an impressive beast. It retails for $250 at most stockists, but today you can get it entirely for free, which is a much better price. Here’s the official website for your perusal.

What else do I need to know?

This competition will run from 9:00 AM ACST (that’s Adelaide time) on Tuesday 29 April until 11:59 PM ACST on Monday 12 May, and it’s governed by the terms and conditions on this page.

159 comments (Leave your own)

I am not creative in any way, but I’ll just be honest… I’ve always wanted a tablet to game on while I’m on the go, but have never been able to justify the purchase above other things… not to mention, this thing looks FREAKING AMAZING


The Gigabyte Tegra Note 7 will provide me with the awesome power to fill my gaming void created by constant travel, without it gaming on the move just wouldn’t be possible


I’d actually be able to relive all the GTA and Max Payne games I’ve bought from the Google Play store from the comfort of my bed at 1am, instead of squinting at my Galaxy S4 Mini’s screen. Plus, Vice City is basically one of the best games ever made, and come on, they were on sale for $1, how could I not buy them?! #Steamphilosophy


One word: Hearthstone.


I could sit back on the couch with the Mrs., before a meeting, DURING a meeting and I could still be commanding my platoon in BF4, could play some Hearthstone (later this year when it finally comes to android!). I could even stream games from my desktop to it while I’m floating around the house to distract me from boring house games like Epic Quest For Laundry. Or sitting in the lunch room being bored! It would be awesome!


I can use this Tegra NOTE 7 to play games while away from my pc via some of the many remote desktop apps.


Currently my gaming life is limited with games at home, and nothing to do on the way to work or .. at work as the case sometimes is – it’s a hard thing to swallow and has left me under nourished.

Gigabyte and NVidias work here though is just be the tablet supplement to get me back into games where I belong! Take that long boring weekends at work! Note : PEW PEW!


I have an amazing gaming rig at home that satisfies the majority of my gaming needs, I have a laptop to use when I’m not at home that fills in the gaps when I’m away from home, but I do not as of yet, have something lets me game whilst travelling. The added pressure of having to win a hearthstone match before I have to get off the bus will take my gaming to new heights.


Winning one of these will allow me to game while hiding from the kids and husband. Ahh quiet time :)


Who wants to sit in a lecture hall for three hours per class, twice a day, five days a week. Not me, and I’ve already flicked through all the Tinder locals!


Well, Since my girlfriend got hooked on BF3 (which is totally awesome) I’ve loss my time on my gaming computer. This would fill that hole with being able to play powerful games ona portable. Mainly the Deus Ex game would be awesome!


I’ve always been a fan of gaming since i can remember, and actually this is a “league” i have curiosity in. Android can offer us good games and experiences, so my TEGRA NOVA 7 would totally fit in. Looking forward to immerse myself while playing some of the best tittles with this brand new device, and of course see how far it can go.


This would fill the gaming hole in my life as I’m pretty much couch and bed bound after a bad attack of sciatica.. so I cant stand stand sitting in the computer chair for longer than a few minutes. And my laptop isnt up to playing Candy Crush let alone anything decent! So this would fill a huge gaming hole while I wait for up to a year for the public hospital system to get a back operation :) So being able to play some great games in bed/on the couch recommended by Games On Net would be great! Big sob story I know, and is all true, can prove it if needed! Cheers, good luck all.


I’m really just awaiting Hearthstone for Android, and just like everyone else I kinda just want to be able to play some nice games when I’m not on my worn pleather gaming throne.
I was looking at this tablet just yesterday actually, after Linus posted a video on it.


I just moved into a new house which has an awesome deck to sit out on, I would be able to play games while watching the sun set and sinking some delicious beers… Also I’d read Nightwing comics on it.


With this beast of a hardware, So much Angry Birds, So much Ingress and so much hearthstone (when it comes out) Ill always been on the top of my game. Mark my words, with this I’ll be the very best :)


Im not looking at winning this for myself but for my son. He is just coming of the age that he wants to try the harder games. He enjoys the classics that I have grown up on such as biomenace, commander keen and crystal caves. I can see in his eye (much to his mothers dismay), the glint of the gaming bug. I showed him the picture of this tab and he liked the look of it because “It has a big eye on it daddy!” This would make my sons year complete with his very own tablet!


Between working all the time and the little amount of time I get a week to play my console because my girlfriend and I only have 1 TV and she’s always using it, this tablet would be an AMAZING escape for me. I’d love to be able to play indie games during my work breaks and while my girlfriends hogging the TV. Plus didn’t rockstar remaster the PS2 era GTA games?? I’d LOVE to resist those!


Owning a shiny new Tegra-powered tablet will give me the tools and the means to discover exactly how a shiny new Tegra-powered tablet will fill a hole in my gaming life. :P


As a long time gamer my one wish in life has always been to play games while seated on the throne. Nothing could please me more than the ability to sit, trousers around ankles, tapping away at an awesome game while…contemplating life…especially after a night of eating a particularly hot chilli dish. A good strategy game could see me making strategic movements while I’m making a difficult movement. Awesome friends at Games on Net, you have the power to make this dream a reality. If you make this happen, I will be forever grateful to your wonderful generosity.

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