DOTA 2′s most comprehensive warding guide hits the net, supports everywhere rejoice

dota 2 legion commander

By on April 11, 2014 at 7:42 am

DOTA 2 can be a frustrating and complicated game. It’s not good for people with high blood pressure or short tempers. Even people without those traits get irritated playing DOTA, which is why just about every man and his dog is told to play support for about the first 300 hours until they get used to how everything works.

Playing support means sacrificing yourself a lot and doing whatever you can for the team. Which means buying wards – a lot. However, where do you put them down? That answer has now been comprehensively answered with the release of the first part in Tsunami’s Comprehensive Guide to Warding. Over seven detailed, reasonably well-written pages, Tsnuami – a man who gained a reputation in the Starcraft: Brood War community for his skill and adding to the level of debate surrounding strategy in his day – has answered most of the questions you might have about where, why and precisely how players should ward throughout various stages of the game.

The following parts will cover counter-warding and wards for aggressive purposes, but already this guide is good enough that Valve should make it viewable from within DOTA 2. If you’re a fan of the game or just starting out, you really should give it a read. It’s that good.

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Tsunami actually write *really* well and has published a whole bunch of articles:

Making Money as a Support is also a very good read. Little tips like these really help supports.


I ward right in the middle in the river and another ward at the junction point of the roshan


This is a good idea, usually you need to have played vast amounts of games and watch the map to see where the most travel occurs before you even have an idea on where to ward.

Counter warding is something that almost no one does and it’s key to winning most games.



Counter warding is something that almost no one does and it’s key to winning most games.

Unless you get stuck into a counter-ward war, then no one wins (and supports are 10x poorer).


Nice guide thanks for the info.


artfuldodger: Unless you get stuck into a counter-ward war, then no one wins (and supports are 10x poorer).

Not so bad if you’re a lich and they’re someone like leshrac that needs money.

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