Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Giveaway – The Winners!

Diablo 3 Competition

By on April 14, 2014 at 4:33 pm

Dying to know who the winner of our amazing Reaper of Souls Giveaway was? Well, so were we — that’s why we’ve been carefully poring over your 200 entries with a fine-toothed comb to select only the finest Diablo 3 expansion ideas.

A lot of common themes emerged over the course of this competition — the Druid and the Necromancer are wanted back urgently, and more than a few of you are clamouring for a return to the dark and dank days of the original Diablo dungeons. There’s also a strong demand for the ability for your Nephalem to choose the path of evil and slay the armies of heaven, and of course deck themselves out in all the glorious angelic armour you can loot.

Despite all these excellent ideas, only three people can walk away with our prizes. And those three people are…


XViper walks away with a brand new SteelSeries Diablo 3 headset, mouse and mousepad, a shiny SteelSeries Apex keyboard (being used to type these very words), 24-inches of BenQ RL2455HM gaming monitor glory, and, of course, a copy of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

An expansion that features several new ‘Evil’ classes/characters. That allows you to play from the point of view of the enemy.

This would further open up possibilities of Realm vs Realm servers, where PvE progress made by one faction directly influences the difficulty and events experienced by the opposing faction.

Each faction could hire AI forces to attack an enemy stronghold, which would prompt a defence event for the opposing faction. Each faction could also hire ‘defenders’ which would make it harder for attackers to win an invasion event.

This could incorporate PvP with the right balancing, but could function perfectly fine in a PvE only environment.

The diversity of player-built armies would ensure a constant exposure to new enemy types. Every battle would be unique, and class diversity would be required to counter clever AI army designs.

Customisable & upgradable bosses, using player funds and event results.

Think Big.


anupc walks away with the SteelSeries Diablo 3 mouse and mousepad, as well as a copy of the game!

One feature I’d like to see in the expansion is a competitive dungeon run. Here players would be placed into a random dungeon and the number of mobs they kill, items picked up, quests completed and how quickly they complete the entire dungeon among other stats will be tracked. Blizzard can then reward loot based on how well players run the dungeon and can show where players fit against the average. They can also show what percentile they fit into. Leader boards can also be created where the top 50 runs of all time can be seen and watched. Another awesome feature could be the dungeon duel where you race against your friends to see who has the better gear/build. Perhaps even being able to wager so those interested can put their items on the line. This would also be great for diablo streamers who want that competitive feeling.


Overture goes home with a SteelSeries Diablo 3 mousepad, as well as a copy of the game!

Got it.

With Death defeated, our hero retires to a life of quiet wandering, living from town to town on their stories, earning food, drink and bed in exchange for dark, violent, exciting tales of Hellspawn and Angels locked in battle. One night, in the corner of a seedy, dirt-floored tavern our hero overhears two shadowy figures…they are whispering of an old House. A long-abandoned place of trade and bidding filled with all manner of weapons, armour, trinkets and wares left behind, waiting to be claimed – but the treasure won’t come quietly. An angry evil stirs within, once powerful and benevolent, overseeing all within that house but now left alone to brood, through looping twisting halls and dark rooms, and shadowy corners where blood money was passed so freely.

Dare you travel to this place? Are the rewards worth the risk? And are you prepared to face The Auctioneer?

Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to SteelSeries, BenQ and of course Blizzard for stepping up to help out with these great prizes! Winners, please check your Private Messages. Thanks everyone, and stay tuned for our next great competition!

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Gratz to the winners!


Sweet! Thanks guys!


Awesome! Hope some of these ideas eventually make it into the game. Thanks GON!


Awww… :,(

Grats to all the winnars!


Grats winners!


Congratulations winners!

I love GON competition giveaways.


My idea was somewhat similar to XViper with the whole become and play as evil aspect, however his was superior and could articulate it better.

Still, congrats to the winners! I will get my hands on the game for free somehow >:)


OMG, I … WHAT-now??!

I think you have a typo. What do you mean I WON?!


well done!


Grats to the winners! ……………………… *runs away to cry* :)


Grats to the winners, their entries are great! (but tbh there were many excellent ones that I’m surprised didn’t even get mention).


Yeah should have a short “best of entries that didn’t win” article. Would be interesting what the “honourable mentions” would be…

Anyhow congratulations to the winners! Great entries.


Grats to the winners, their entries are great! (but tbh there were many excellent ones that I’m surprised didn’t even get mention).

There were a lot of excellent ones, and I did want to do a shortlist, but time ran away from me :(


congratulations to the winners!


Congrats to the winners!

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