37% of all games owned on Steam haven’t even been played once

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By on April 16, 2014 at 1:34 pm

A massive data-mining effort of publicly-available Steam data by the wizards at Ars Technica has revealed that over a third of all Steam games haven’t ever even been launched. Out of the roughly 781 million games registered to accounts, that’s an astonishing 288 million titles left unloved and alone.

The data-mining also revealed, perhaps unsurprisingly, that Dota 2 was the most played-and-owned game on Steam, with 25.93 million Steam accounts owning the game — and nearly every single one of them registering some playtime. That’s followed closely (and also unsurprisingly) by Team Fortress 2, then Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Counter-Strike Source.

I won’t copy-and-paste someone else’s hard work so please, click on through to Ars Technica and look at all the graphs. Fascinating.

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Seems legit


Hahaha, that sounds about right.


I think I’ve played 50% of the games in my library, so I’m ahead of the curve!


I’ve managed to clock up some playtime on most of my games (they have a “last played” date).


Sounds about right for me. But to be fair most unplayed games would have been from humble bundles or free versions of games. Also a lot from steam sales because you can’t really say no to a $2 game just incase you want to play it some day (I’ll play you oneday deus ex, I swear).


It’s only been tracking hours for the last 5 years odd, I know a bunch of games in my profile I’ve finished but it doesn’t have any time toward it.

That said, still a scary amount of games.


I’m not an impulse buyer… Well I am in a way… But not in a sense that if the game is on sale my urge to purchase increases. If I want something I will research it. If it peaks my interest I will pay top dollar to have it as fast as possible. If I’m not 100% convinced I would love it then a $80 game offered for $20 won’t even entice me.

Any of the games I have not played or barely have are gifts from friends. Gifts I never wanted lol


I’ve probably played less than 63% of mine… bloody work.


Yep – I’ve got a number of games on my profile I’ve sunk tons of time into but they register as not having being played, so presumably the playtime data is onyl tracked for a set period.

Saying that, I’ve got more than a few games bought in sales that I’ve only had the time to open, fiddle briefly with and haven’t got back to…


Remember, if you never play the game, you’ll never be disappointed and you’ll never have to rage-quit!


I am a part of this … the amount of bundles I’ve bought for one game because it was cheaper than buying the one game … or just humble bundle games… Is pretty dammed high.


I’d guess 50% of my library is unplayed I’m not really an impulse purchase kind of guy mine are mostly because getting the bundle was cheaper than the single game game


I would most definitely fall into this category. So many hours of TF2 and so many other games purchased that I still believe I will one day play :)


Think I put my info into one of those stat pages at one time and it told me I’ve played 33% of my 940 games.

These figures aren’t exactly surprising though – what with the plethora of Indie bundles running at any given time (I think there’s literally about 15 or so going on at the moment if the most recent Hookups announcement is accurate)

I know from the 10 or so keys I added from the recent Groupees or Bundle stars bundles I probably won’t touch atleast half of the titles.

A more interesting figure would be how many games are bought From Steam that haven’t been played once.


I need some kind of setting on my steam library, Random game !

And than I would like to go one step further and have a lock out time option, So I can set it to 3 hours and pick a random game.. I cant load another steam game for that period.. This would greatly assist me on playing the backlog of games.

HELP !! please… (whimper)


A majority of my un-played games on steam are simply ones that I once owned or have physical copies of, that ive picked up for like $5-10 during sales. do eliminate my need to keep the disks handy or replacement of old/lost games. Plus the random games they pad out the humble bundles etc with on occasion


Yeah got tonnes of unplayed games in my collection so this doesn’t surprise me in the least.


Yeah got tonnes of unplayed games in my collection so this doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Yeah, I’m not helping the cause here either.


yipster: HELP !! please… (whimper)

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Hey Tim, I’m reading the article as: ‘Right now, I can tell you that about 37 percent of the roughly 781 million games registered to various Steam accounts haven’t even been loaded a single time.’

So 63% of games HAVE been loaded at least once.

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