Watch Dogs’ welcomes you to Chicago in new open-world demonstration trailer

Watch Dogs

By on March 28, 2014 at 5:38 pm

It’s hard not to get GTA vibes from the opening minute of this new Watch Dogs trailer, and certainly it wouldn’t be the first time that Ubisoft have taken aim at Rockstar’s open-world giant. But the video also offers us an extended look at the game’s various hacking mechanics and how they fit in the open world of Chicago — something that we discovered for ourselves during our own hands-on time last year.

Take a look below. Watch Dogs is out on May 27, and has been slapped with an R18+ rating.

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damn i just got a new 780Ti i might need another to play this in all its max setting glory



I wish there was a way to turn off the Narrator because half the stuff he was spouting was PR bull.


Oh how I’m so glad I got this a year ago on pre-order, the price has gone up so much now :D


Cool beans, looking forward to it. Strange that the in-game camera man had cerebral palsy though.


I’m impressed. Not quite pre-ordering but will look forward to the reviews day one.


Did I see a robot dinosaur?


Does anyone-else remember the original E3 trailer … is it just me or does the game look worse now than it did then ?


Wanky GTA V wannabe with fake lame gimmicks. Narrator was perfect.


Does anyone-else remember the original E3 trailer … is it just me or does the game look worse now than it did then ?

The quality looks to have dropped some what.



This is the console footage which yeah has been downgraded for performance. Ubisoft have said the PC version will look much closer to the E3 demo.


There is also a big robot spider.


Every time they use PS3/360 footage instead of next gen I has a sad. :(

Am I the only one who noticed the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon arcade machine? XD


Every time they use PS3/360 footage instead of next gen I has a sad. :(

I don’t think they used previous gen footage. I think they’ve significantly reduced the graphical quality of the game. Whether it was an unforseen necessary change or if they were just building hype for the sake of it initially, I don’t know.

There’s been a bit of controversy on the internet recently about this. EG:


Wanky GTA V wannabe with fake lame gimmicks. Narrator was perfect.

Someone sounds butthurt…

I have no idea why you would be, but hey.

Looks like the gfx downdgrade for the Consoles is hitting hard. Gotta love the new current gen machines :D


lol the Narrator is spilling a whole lot of PR crap (but he speaks well enough)

“A powerful engine specially build for Watch Dogs, with rich dynamic lighting”
Translation – We can’t and won’t use the GTA engine. Ours can supports Direct X9

“Weather and physics affect every element of the game world to create a vivid living city”
Translation – When it rains people use umbrellas. When it’s night, less NPCs.

“Each citizen has a unique identification which reacts with the world intelligently”
Translation – Large database with the name generator, now coupled with a mix of preset hobbies, aggression level to player and the appropriate animations, sounds and clothing provided”

“Everyone is connected. Hack into their bank accounts, music, etc”
Translation – Every NPC can be interacted with. They have mixed variables providing various nominal information

“In watchdogs, opportunities comes to you”
Translation – Unexplained unorthodox behaviour from NPCs may occur.

haha anyway, I’m keen for this game. I’m sure I will enjoy it.



I want to believe that they’re just showing PS3/360 footage because quite frankly it looks like something from that gen, right down to it looking like it’s running at 720p imo. It’s just too epic a downgrade that it doesn’t look like a next gen release at all anymore so it must be current gen footage.

And yeah that video referenced Aliens Colonial Marines but I would like to think that this isn’t a repeat of that because A:CM was a dodgy production from beginning to end.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for release to truly see.


dosnt look like the other videos also it could be a youtube problem but it also looks like in the video the game is lagging and stuttering just look at the cars on the bridge.

Looks like there’s no AA just look at the close up of the black chev.

im praying its the 360 or ps3 or its old dev footage the game cant look that bad it struggles to look better then GTA IV and its the frostbite engine


Oh wow I was completely wrong, it was just confirmed that this is PS4 footage. Wtf happened to the epic looking original reveal? D: I guess there’s the microscopic chance that the PC version still looks like the original reveal but highly unlikely.


realone: PC version will look much closer to the E3 demo.

The words “much closer to” scare me … also why would you show last gen console footage when your original selling point was “it’s a game for next gen”.

I think im going to wait for reviews on this one … don’t trust ubisoft enough to deliver.



We will just have to wait and see when its release but here is updated info below.

According to Jonathan, the PC version will feature higher resolution effects (lighting effects, rain simulation, depth of field, particles system) than its next-gen console counterpart.

This is what Jonathan Morin had to say when a fan asked whether the PC version will be able to match the E3 2012 build that was showcased:

“In many regards better. We did not stop working and PC never stop to evolve.”

Moreover, Jonathan admitted that the latest Story trailer was never meant to wow gamers with its visuals as there was no way to match what the PC could do.

“Trailer wasn’t a good GFX reference. E3 2012 was PC as we always said and E3 2013 is PS4 reference. Was always the case”

This further proves that the PC version will be better – graphically – than its console brother, despite Jonathan claiming earlier that the NG version does come close to the PC.

So, why wasn’t the latest trailer of Watch Dogs showcased on the PC? That mystery remains unanswered. Perhaps Ubisoft wanted to boost the next-gen console version? For what is worth, Morin promised that more PC footage will be revealed prior to the game’s release.

When a fan asked whether Ubisoft would be releasing any PC gameplay footage for Watch Dogs, Jonathan replied and said that there will be:

“We are not making demos every day :) But you will see PC HD footage again yes”

In addition, Jonathan claimed that the PC version looks stunning, that the trailer – and the hands-on event that took place last week – was on PS4, and that the PC version will be – in many regards – better than the E3 2012 build.


Graphics smaphics. I care about the features, the dynamic world, the depth and intelligence of the A.I.

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