Watch Dogs new R18+ rating due to new scene involving human trafficking and sexual violence

Watch Dogs

By on March 17, 2014 at 3:50 pm

Watch Dogs‘ surprise reclassification from MA15+ to R18+ last week has been confirmed to be due to a new scene that involves implied sexual violence in a human trafficking setting.

The full report was obtained by Kotaku Australia, which makes specific reference to a scene where a woman is inspected by a human trafficker, including feeling her breasts and “spreading her legs”. That scene ends with the woman being pulled into another room, and, in a later scene, the implication is that sexual assault occurs.

Kotaku note that Ubisoft had asked the Classification Board to refrain from releasing the report until today, March 17, for “commercial reasons”. Read all about it over there.

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SPOILERS -.- thanks Tim I was trying to know as little as possible about watch dogs avoiding as many trailers preview articles etc that I could. But nooo gotta go and tell me about the human trafficking in the article title -.-.

All my hard work ruined !


Classified without being censored – fair enough.


Fair enough.


Hmm, I think going for a no kills playthrough [if possible] will be quite morally difficult during that scene.



surely you can organise it so they meet “accidents”?


A victory for the new classification rating and for gamers who in the past would of had the game censored and slapped under the MA15+ rating. Yes the R rating is 18+ but it’s not a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t fit into the prior categories.


Good. I mean this is how the ratings are meant to work right?
Some content is deemed unsuitable for the children out there, so it’s given an R18+ rating? Seems straightforward on paper, recent Saints row/Southpark/State of Decay rulings and censorship has just been baffling.

It’s nice to see some competence for a change.


So apparently the people in charge of classifying Watch Dogs were in a good mood today.



On the Australian Classification site, it is still labeled as “Modified”. To me it could mean censorship as SR4/State of Decay/Stick of Truth had the same version label & were all censored.

And I have checked other R18+ games on the site (GTA V, The Last of Us, Ryse, etc) and they were labeled “Original”.



This is because the classification board got a newer build of the game than the one they originally got.

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