Ubisoft’s Richard Dansky discusses White Wolf, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and High School Musical with Lucien Soulban

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

By on March 3, 2014 at 10:29 am

Mondays can be a bit of a chore, particularly if you are trying to avoid procrastination and get back into the working mindset. However, while most people would try to help you by offering you tips on productivity somehow involving tomatoes, video games are about the opposite, and it is in that spirit we get all video game news.

Over on The Write Stuff for example, Ubisoft’s ‘Central Clancy Writer’ Richard Dansky has posted a new Shockingly Short Interview, this time with fellow White Wolf alum Lucien Soulban, who was surprisingly not named after a Vampire: The Masquerade character. They discuss the differences between writing for Tabletop RPGs and video games, writing for licensed games and diversity.

It’s a great read, I personally preferred it to the previous interview with Rhianna Pratchett, but I am a big dork for tabletop RPGs. Check it out at the link above.

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Nasty Wet Smear

Everyone’s first Vampire: The Masquerade character is required to have sunglasses at night (despite not having Auspex, so they end up stumbling around nearly blind), a trench coat (despite the average summer night still being 32, making the Vampire stand out like a sore thumb… Less ‘Masquerade’ and more ‘Look at me!’), a Katana (which actually cannot be hidden under a trench coat, even by a 6’4 man, despite what the book says. Yes, we tried), two DE’s (because nothing says subtle apex predator better than the most conspicuous weapon known to man) and a name like “Xavier Vincent Blackheart”…

Everyone who plays twice suddenly wants to be every freaky clan in existence, only slightly freakier! It’s not enough to just play a Tzimisce in a Camarilla game… No, they have to play Old Clan Tzimisce and forgo Vicissitude, because being a Sabbat clan vampire in a Camarilla game wasn’t strange enough.

Then, finally, one of two things happen… Either they start playing Toreador vampires with an eye on being the next Primogen or Keeper Of Elyisum after they publically destroy their rivals, and everyone in the group breathes a sigh of relief. Or they start asking to play a Haybringer Of Skulls who is pretending to be a True Brujah and you have to ask them not to play anymore.

I used to think this was an issue with some people, where they couldn’t stomach the idea of playing a game that was meant to be able to be superimposed over real life without any glaring difference to make the horror of the situation more palpable… But knowing that someone who worked on it is ACTUALLY named Lucien Soulban, I’m starting to think I owe the “Hardblade Darkblood”s and “Dr Dracien Fireshadow”s of the world an apology.


not entirely true. My first character was a Malkavian with MPD and Scitzophrenia, with trench coat and chain weapons. ANd of course, the battle cry of my malkav clan-mates :MASS HALLUCINATION” coz nothing says cozy Elysium meeting like 6 Malkavs trying to out mindream each other.



Nasty Wet Smear

Heh! Well, I think that still meets enough of the criteria for me to maintain my bitterness. My first Vampire character was a Caittiff that sold himself to the Camarilla in every town as a hunter of Sabbat vampires, trading their deaths for a little place to hunt and a small amount of respect… WITH A TRENCH COAT!

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