Total War: Rome 2′s Seasons and Wonders update adds a heap of free content

Total War: Rome 2

By on March 27, 2014 at 4:45 pm

Creative Assembly have released the Seasons and Wonders update for Total War: Rome 2, the promised free update which would precede the launch of the Hannibal at the Gates DLC.

Seasons and Wonders brings an expansion of Carthage’s mercenary recruitment pool, native Twitch.TV support for streamers, the addition of seasons to the Grand Campaign, new Battlefield Wonders and touchscreen support.

A slew of gameplay and AI developments have also been released, which include better pathfinding, AI improvements, seige AI improvements, and… well, just a heap of improvements. Get the full list over here, because it’s hella massive and I’m not copying and pasting it in.

The Hannibal at the Gates DLC will launch by the time we Australians wake up tomorrow.

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Always good to see them releasing another update for Rome 2.

Last time I played they had already fixed all the issues I had with it at launch, but the more fixes and free features the better.

I like the new idea of persistent general bodyguards, so now when your general gets replaced/killed, his guard’s level does not reset unless you change the guard type.

Also good to see them again removing the importance of ‘victory points’ from battles. Now unwalled cities don’t have them, and wall ones only have a single capture point like in previous games. Makes sense, since before the AI ignored them and you could engage their main force and sneak units around to steal the city…..especially in unwalled cities.


Sieges are still horribly broken. Seen the siege stutter since this patch? lol


Loving the seasons, adds a nice feel to the game.

Haven’t had a siege yet though so here’s hoping it is an isolated issue…


Actually i tested this further and it was fine – so god knows what was going on there.

Also fired up Carthage’s historical battle again – i still can’t beat it. I notice the position of enemy within the city has changed yet again.


Marcus Dunn: Also fired up Carthage’s historical battle again – i still can’t beat it. I notice the position of enemy within the city has changed yet again.

What difficulty level were you playing on? I managed ok when I did it a few months back but it wasn’t on Legendary! (can’t actually remember what difficulty I played it on…)


Still shocked that this DLC was free. (remember that Ceasar in Gual they made a big deal about the Seasons and everyone jumped on it to get the seasons.. then they added it back into the base game for free lol).

Its a good move, but the Seige AI is still stupidly broken meaning the game is still incomplete and unplayable unless you auto-resolve all the sieges.

Some how I know all the good that this DLC did will eventually be undone by some other dodgy ass bullshit they’re likely to pull.

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