Titanfall to get new game modes, but they won’t be limited just to people who buy the DLC


By on March 27, 2014 at 8:05 am

Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella has been reassuring users on Twitter that any upcoming DLC won’t segregate the Titanfall community.

“Modes we release will be free to all, not part of DLC,” said Zampella overnight.

He also reassured another user that DLC was on the way, saying it was “in the works, not quite done yet tho. Don’t think we’ve announced a date yet.”

Like any modern game by a big publisher, Titanfall does come with a Season Pass available – though DLC specifics have not been announced at all.

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So modes won’t create segregation, but there is DLC coming… which will probably be maps, which most likely WILL cause segregation.

Seems pretty fucking standard these days.


The smart way to do this is add the content that everybody can access but only the paid people can use. So extra weapons, different perks and such, maybe a different chassis that is just ultimately another selection. That way everybody plays but the DLC is still there.

Think original Dawn of War. If you bought ony Dark Crusade you had two races including Necrons, You could play against people who had the original game but you were limited to only using the races that only came with that expansion/standalone.


Does anyone else struggle to find games in Australia? It seems like I need to devote 10 minutes just to finding a game.

Anon. E. Moose


Early mornings I struggle to find hardpoint matches so I just make do and play attrition which I always seem to find a game of.

I’m not sure about other gamemodes but if in doubt just play attrition.


Mixed bag tends to yield a game most of the time for me. The other modes are quite fun.

TBH I’m a bit bored with the content already though.


Would be nice if they add something like the Siege mode from Hawken.


I have trouble getting connection to the Australian Data Centre. WIll only work if i pause my internet security. Spoke to EA last night, he told me the solution is to run TF without my internet security on….


What is the Antivirus program your using?
Also to add, if I remember right they said there wasnt going to be DLC for this game back in the early stages, is it just me thinking it or did they say that?

Im still contemplating getting this game, from friends reports there isnt many people playing and there is some huge balancing issues currently with high level players being stacked against low level players.

Also to add if this game doesnt get as much traction as BF or COD then it will slowly loose grip of the franchise compared to the big names BUT if it goes the other way im sure EA will release TitanFall 2 in a years time which will be BIGGER and BETTER than anything we have EVER SEEN, and then I might buy it then, to add $100 is a bit steep for the game+DLC (bull crap).

But for now im sick of all the crap coming from DICE (since BF3) and COD since MW1, lol, so ill just stick to the F2P games (Hawken, Warthunder, Planetside 2) (countless games I have with STEAM, lol) which are fun for the time I get to play these days.

End Rant, lol.


hunterkiller: What is the Antivirus program your using?

I’m using Kaspersky Pure 3.0 Up until about a week ago i could connect just fine. No idea whats changed but yeah

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