Titanfall is now launched, Respawn details fixes for common issues


By on March 13, 2014 at 8:25 am

Gloriously explosive mech-shooter Titanfall is now officially out, so if you haven’t already pre-loaded it through Origin then you can now head into your nearest physical games emporium and collect an actual disc with Titanfall on it.

Because no game can ever have a perfectly smooth launch, a bunch of known issues with the game have appeared — so if you’re having trouble running it, check out this page for help from Respawn on your particular problem.

We’ve already seen the launch trailer, but here it is again. See you in game!


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Anyone know of a good deal for this game? Origin is charging $79.99 for the standard edition.


I got mine off the mexican origin store, Titanfall+season pass for about $50.


Dick Smith are selling it for $60+shipping (if you can actually buy from them, their shopping cart system is atrocious, not even their phone support could help me)…or, ozgameshop also has it for $60 (shipped) if you don’t mind a waiting for it. (these prices are minus the season pass, but I have learned from many experiences that I rarely play a game beyond the release of the first DLC/Season Pass content so I don’t bother any more).


ATTENTION GAMERS: DO NOT BUY Titanfall ON ANY PLATFORM! There are NO Australian Data Centre / Connection Servers and that means your playing with a 260+ ping (From my Beta experience). That might be fun for the console gamers who are used to it (I dont know how you do it guys!). But add Super Speed (Perk) and Cloaking (Perk) and Hit Reg worse then anything you have ever played and your wasting your money. I played the BETA and it was bad but fine for a test, reports are now saying its WORSE!!! HOLD OFF. Show Respawn Entertainment that its not acceptable and make them get Microsoft off their assess and finish the Data Centre!!!

This might be fine for a crappy arcade game, however this game has huge E-Sports potential!!! Its being let down by a rushed release and crappy support!



settle pettle, still getting pings of 120 – 140, not ideal but very playable. often come first when im not on a grunt hunt for unlocks.


120-140 is still pretty terrible, I had similar problems playing HAWKEN vs US players, it’s not a fun experience when they’re all playing with 20-30 pings.

I’ve strill ordered this, I’ll be playing with 3-4 local friends so if we are all on terrible pings it will even out, I hope.




Wow, i’d hate for you guys to try my connection… country south australia, if i get a ping below 250 i’m ecstatic.


I got the game + season pass using a vpn and the origin mexican store. But i’d be careful, i’d done similar with the russian origin store before and now it’s decided i cant use that card for purchases anymore. Never really heard of region locking payment methods before, so i’m not sure how common an issue it is. Just be careful with it.



Did you forget to take your meds this morning?

Saying the beta has “260+ ping (From my Beta experience)” is exactly as you say – specific to your experience. Someone in a different Australian state and with a different ISP will get a completely different experience.

The average ping in Australia is closer to 100-150ms, which is totally playable. Some people will get lower than that (Perth people with iiNet average 80ms), some will get higher (Adelaide people with TPG can see up to 150-200ms).


riddle me this, then: where in the world is carmen sandeigo?


Don’t forget to grab the new Nvidia drivers if you have an Nvidia GPU.


Aussie servers incoming Friday. SEA for me, here in Country SA, middle of no where is about 150ms


I’m used to pings of 30, may hold of until they fix this one :) also a sale.


Lag doesn’t matter when you’re using the smart pistol! (I’m loving that weapon so much, I would still be using it if I had 30ms instead of my current 120ms anyway… you feel like frigging ninja, I once got a triple kill with one click with it – amped pistol burn card right at the start, then ghosted behind the enemy start point and found 3 pilots taking cover in some boxes… 6 bullets with one click, 6 headshots)

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