Star Citizen Ship Giveaway: The Winners Revealed

Star Citizen Ship Giveaway

By on March 18, 2014 at 9:01 pm

It is with great pleasure (and some degree of apology for our lateness) that we can finally announce the winners of our Star Citizen Ship Giveaway.

This competition had some amazing entries, and we’re really sad that we weren’t able to make you all winners. So without further ado…

Package Alpha

WINNER: Keywan

(Click for a bigger version)

Package Beta

WINNER: b0le…

It is a small ship. Well, it’s small for a cargo ship. But two people fit easy enough. It doesn’t go particularly fast, but why would you want to? Exploring the beauty of the universe with some good company; why would you want to go fast? Soaking in the details, both big and small, takes time; time well spent, if you’d ask me.

The cargo hold give room to store supplies, so we can stay away from civilization for some time, if we like. Plus, it means we have room to store the interesting things we find on our travels. With a little room for some rudimentary analysis, we get an idea of what is worth taking back to base.

All in all, you just make do with what you’ve got; a little ingenuity goes a long way out in the field.

Package Gamma

WINNER: Lazorz91

Knowledge is power. Intelligence is qualifications, qualifications are jobs and jobs are money. And in every game, money is life.

Without a currency, there would be no space pirates. No miners, engineers or pilots. No star citizen.

Knowledge is valuable. Knowledge is priceless to the right person. If you’ve got the knowledge, you have the money.

My perfect ship would be for acquiring knowledge. Fast. So fast it’s untouchable. No weapons whatsoever. High-detailed long range scanners. Built for one man-alone in the galaxy. The pilot must be independent, able to go for months without human contact. The ship’s computer must be cutting-edge technology with yottabytes of storage. The FTL drive must have the highest acceleration to get out when you have to.

I would scout the galaxy. Find the best ore deposits, ambush sites, trading routes. Sell this knowledge to the highest bidder.

Knowledge has no allies. I need none.

Package Delta

WINNER: Apollo183

Colonel Blair is on his final mission to end the war between the confederation and the Kilrathi. The war has not been going well for the confederation, despite Blair’s flawless string of flawlessly completed missions. Armed with the new Excalibur ship, victory seems within grasp.

Blair tears through the Kilrathi forces, destroying wave after wave as he gets closer. He arrives in the third sector, and demolishes the first five waves of fighters. Then the next five waves. Then the next 10. This goes on for about 3 hours.

Finally, the Player (the secret power behind Blair) rage-quits, disgusted at this bug. The final cut-scene is never seen. The confederation loses. The disks are scratched beyond repair.

The Player’s hands really hurt and he never, ever, finds out what happens, scarring him in silent agony until one day, he is able to rage a little on a forum.

The end.

Package Epsilon

WINNER: ipkiss1

Package Zeta

WINNER: libbaz

Thanks to everyone who took part, and especially those who had the courage to pretend to be a spaceship in front of a national audience! Your bravery is to be saluted. And thanks once again to the anonymous GON reader who stumped up for the prizes — you’re the best.

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Gratz All!
Thanks for the comp, Had a lot of laughs!!


Haha! Worthy winners!

Awesome work guys and thanks again to the random awesome dude who donated! May you find many awesomes in the ‘verse.


great video


Winning video was pure gold!! Congratulations everyone, definitely worthy winners.


Those are some great entries, well done folks!


HA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yup… worth it!

Thanks so much to awesome reader who put this together, you’re my hero!
Grats to all the other winners too! Cant wait to fly with you all!

And kudos to all the other Zeta entries, I loved your vids, made me feel i wasnt the only one nuts to enter!

lol, oh god…


Keep it up there mate. That video needs to stay :)

I’ve watched it around 5 times already.


Nice work all.


I have a weird feeling somewhere between embarrassment and pride… it’s very confusing :-P


Just like to congratulate everyone who entered for all packages, I saw a lot of great entries. Special thanks to the donator of my new Aurora LN. I shall forever treasure it and keep it in my hangar always.


Whoever the anon is that allowed all this beauty to occur we salute you.


Oh well.. I knew a digital drawing would win over a pencil drawing.. Grats


Well done everyone, and congrats to the winners.


The winners have received enough recognition (and ofc their prizes) so I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the other losers on their efforts, except unfortunately for the dirt-bags who plagiarised the works of others.

Thanks again to the anonymous reader for your generous donation of the prizes.


Just like to congratulate everyone who entered for all packages, I saw a lot of great entries. Special thanks to the donator of my new Aurora LN. I shall forever treasure it and keep it in my hangar always.

“Joined: 5 Mar 14 , 9:31 pm”

“Promotion is only open to Australian residents having an active user account with at the time of entry into the competition and at the time of the prize announcement for Promotion. can be found at:”
“The competition will commence at 09:00 AM Australian Central Daylight Time (“ACDT”) on Monday,
March 3 2013 , and entries will close at 11:59 PM ACDT on Sunday, 16 March 2014.”

“2013″ is certainly a typo since the competition was posted on “March 3, 2014 at 6:47 pm”* however this does not detract from the discrepancy.

* and March 3, 2014 was a Sunday


Wow! Thanks very much to the donator and GON! Looking forward to exploring the universe (not so much to the wait…).



someone made an oops…



Wait, I don’t get it. Are you making fun of the 2013 typo or have I done something wrong?


You haven’t done anything wrong, Lazorz :)


Tim Colwill,

That’s a relief. Thanks for organising such a great comp Tim, it really generates a lot of excitement.

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