Star Citizen Ship Giveaway: Six ships and starting packages up for grabs

By on March 3, 2014 at 6:47 pm

If you’re into PC gaming then there’s no escaping the gravitational pull of Star Citizen, the upcoming magnum opus of Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. Part single-player adventure, part persistent MMO, part rig-melting-beauty, Star Citizen is looking really good (click here to learn more about that).

But how do you get in? Well, you could just buy your way in at the official site of course. But thanks to one very generous reader — who has asked to remain anonymous — we’ve got six ships and starting packages to give away to six other lucky readers.

We have six packages up for grabs, and each package has its own specific way to win. Pay attention! All these packages also contain both alpha and beta access, as well as access to the Squadron 42 single-player campaign for Star Citizen. Check out the individual pack links below at the RSI store to see what each one contains!

For each entry, you will need to leave a comment below. You may only enter once and only try to win one package, so please state which package you are trying to enter at the top of your comment. Please read the instructions very carefully.

Package Alpha

Contains: 1 x Aurora LN Package with Lifetime Insurance Upgrade (gosh!)

How to Win: Draw your own fanart picture of the Aurora LN. You must include the logo in the picture to prove that you did it and you didn’t just swipe it from the internet. It can be any size or resolution you like, but must contain a) the Aurora LN and b) the GON logo. That’s it. Then, upload it to somewhere (we recommend imgur) and post a link to it in the comments.

Packages Beta and Gamma

Each of these packages contains:  1 x Aurora LN Packages (regular)

How to win: In 150 words or less, describe your ideal spaceship and why you’d like to fly it around the Star Citizen galaxy.

There are two of these packages, so be sure to specify which you’re aiming for.

Package Delta

Contains: 1 x Avenger Package

How to Win: The Avenger is a ship for rough-and-ready combat pilots. In 150 words or less, pick a famous dogfighting battle from history (or from a fictional setting such as Wing Commander, if you like) and describe why that battle was so important.

Package Epsilon

Contains: 1 x Origin 315p Package

How to Win: This is a vessel for explorers and scientists. Winning this one requires going on a scavenger hunt! You’ll need to find and take a picture of each the following:

  • An alien creature
  • An unknown goo
  • A flying saucer
  • A mysterious galaxy
  • A raygun

You don’t need to take this literally! This is all about your imagination. So for example, you could put a hat on your dog and call it an alien creature. Make sense? Upload all five pictures to an imgur album and link it to us in the comments. We’ll be looking for the most creative and interesting entries so try and mix it up a little!

However, you must include the GON logo in each picture to prove you actually took it and didn’t swipe it from Google. Okay? Okay.

Package Zeta

Contains: 1 x Hornet F7C+ Package

Note that this is the FC7+ package, only available to original Star Citizen backers! You cannot buy this in the store – the above link is just for reference. Here’s what the FC7+ contains.

How to Win: Upload and link us to a YouTube video of you pretending to be a spaceship. Yes, the best prize is reserved for the person most willing to embarrass themselves in front of a national audience of 250,000 people. The video must show you and you should begin it by stating that you’re entering this competition, so that we know it’s you. It should be between 1:00 and 3:00 in length. Yes, you can wear a mask or a hat or sunglasses or obscure your face if you like but you, personally, must appear in the video.

REMEMBER: You must specify which package you are trying to win at the top of your comment.

This competition is open to Australian residents only and is governed by the terms and conditions listed on this page.

You have until 11:59 PM, Adelaide time, on Sunday March 16. Enjoy! Any questions? Let us know in the comments and I’ll answer ‘em.

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Bravo to the generous GoNer who put these prizes up for grabs!


I’m not talented enough or patient enough to win this but awesome competition. Can’t wait to see the entries!


already got my ships locked down just wanted to say good like and high fives to whoever donated these packages!


Murray Hibble:
Bravo to the generous GoNer who put these prizes up for grabs!



Good luck to all, I can’t be assed doing any of that lol.


Package Delta (Avenger) I’ll have a crack at ( and thanks to the anonymous donation! Props to them!)

Fictional setting in LucasArts Tie Fighter game, The first mission in the Battle for Honor. It was important for the story obviously, but as a player it was important because it was insanely tough. It was the first time I remember being really challenged in a game and putting my head on the desk in defeat.
That unshielded Tie Interceptor in the minefields and the supposed Rookie pilots doing a number on me.
Eventually though, that satisfaction of finally coming out victorious and completing all objectives actually made me get up and cheer. To this day I hold that as a pinnacle in gaming design on how to nearly break a player, then of course I find out years later some people can do it in their sleep….


Props to the guy putting up the prizes. That’s a good deal of cash going to the people here! Seeing as I already have 4 ships I’ll leave this open for those who haven’t been as lucky as myself to get in at the start :)


Itching to get an avenger…but the wife will kill me. Maybe I can win one! hmmmm [goes off to contemplate my winning entry] 8D


Package Gamma

The mighty carrot ship, the greatest pirate ship in in the galaxy to observers it appears to be a mutant carrot floating through the cosmos. To victims it is the orange spectre of death.

I’d fly this ship because no one would ever suspect a carrot of stealing their precious cargo.


Going for Package Delta :D, pretty cool story none the less

The Ofira air battle was the first air battle during the Yom Kippur war, when the Egyptian defence force attacked Israel in a surprise attack, as a part of the attack the Egypt air force sent 20 Mig-17’s with 8 Mig-21’s as escorts. Alarm bells began ringing in Israel as low-altitude signatures were detected on the radar, in return two F-4 Phantoms were scrambled in time before the base was bombed. In a matter of 6 minutes 7 Mig’s were shot down with the rest of the Mig group scrambling from the fight, one of the pilots shot down was the brother of the Egyptian president. The battle foretold the rest of the war with Israeli successfully counterattacking both Syria and Egypt and this battle showed the sheer tenacity of the Israeli Air force.

Commander Boom


10 thousand picoseconds in MSpaint.

Bow down before me.


Too bad im not in Australia :(



Thats 1000x better than anything I could do on MS paint :)


Package Delta:

At 1300 hours, August 7, 1942, above Guadalcanal, an American Wildcat flown by James Southerland was engaged by Saburo Sakai, a Japanese ace. One of the most dramatic and well-documented dogfights had begun.

Although flying very different planes, the men were evenly matched. The Zero was faster and more manoeuvrable, but the Wildcat had better armour.

Southerland couldn’t out-manoeuvre an expert like Sakai, but he pushed the Wildcat to its limits to hold him off. Sakai was amazed at the punishment the Wildcat could absorb, peppering it with machine guns that had no effect.

Southerland managed to get behind Sakai, but didn’t fire as he was injured. Sakai saw this, then shot Southerland’s engine so that he could bail out.

The Guadalcanal campaign put Japanese forces on the defensive in the Pacific for the remainder of the war, setting the stage for their ultimate defeat.


Anyone else getting a bit worried?

Im going to buy this game when its ready and launched, but I have a feeling that if I don’t feed them hundreds of dollars during its development that ill be stuck with crappy looking ships, and basically left with garbage for not having paid them a boatload of money during development.

Have the developers mentioned this? How it might actually keep people from playing come launch if everyone else whos paid a ton of money during development just has better…everything…and unobtainable content?

Id really hate to step into this game on launch day and see everyone and their mother with crazy awesome ships and content that ill never have a chance to get…



Nah, nothing to worry about. The first is of course that you don’t have to pledge for anything beyond an Aurora package. Everything available for pledging will be available through normal means in game – pledging is just…well…it’s microtransactions to keep the coffers going, that’s why there is some crazy prices…they know how to work the crowd.
The second is the ships available for pledging are not exhaustive of all ships available, with many more ships being made before and after release to players that will not be available through pledging.
Third, the vast array of modules, upgrades and weapons means groups of ships are on much more even playing field than their pledge cost suggests. While on Paper it’s easy to look at something like an Aurora and say it would have no chance against a Hornet, a fully decked out Aurora might have the technological edge on a Hornet that hasn’t purchased any new weapons and carried over basic pew pew guns.
Finally – it’s a skill game – in most scenarios a better pilot, a smarter pilot will have the edge over pure technological superiority.

If none of those convince you or you doubt them – you can always go for a life of avoiding combat and stick to where there is local military patrols and escorts for your trade runs.

Even more still – if you’re not to worried about the MMO side of things – you can load up a private server for you and / or your friends and start everyone with a Bengal Carrier with a full compliment of fighter craft.


Package Epsilon

THANK YOU for doing the kind giveaway. these photos where from my laptop and completely on the area of my work-desk so the creativity was not so big on the galaxy one. but i think i nailed the raygun one :P. again, thank you for your kindness of doing the giveaway!
Alien Creature:
Flying Saucer:
Ray Gun:
Mysterious Galaxy:

i might not win, but i had alot of fun :D


This is phreaking awesome! Thanks to the anonymous reader and GON.

I look forward to seeing the entries too!


This is for the Delta Package.

The Zero and the Spitfire in WWII. The zero really demonstrated how superior manoeuvrability trumps nearly everything else in dogfighting. However, if you know how your enemy moves and what they are likely to try and not try, you have the advantage.

The Allies found a crashed Zero that was mostly undamaged. After analysing it they found out why it was such a manoeuvrable fighter, but they also found its weaknesses. From this the Allies were able to form strategies which exploited the Zero’s weaknesses and played to the Allies and the Spitfires strength.

The one thing that superiority can’t trump is strategy, team work and ingenuity. Your wingman and your squadron are just as important as the fighter you fly.

@anonymous reader, really cool idea, and very generous. Especially because you remained anonymous.


Going for the beta package!

My ideal spaceship is the Starshadow, a sleek, stealthy mid-sized craft. Little to no armour protects it, relying purely on the element of surprise combined with its immense speed and manoeuvrability to complete its missions, generally bounty hunting and reconnaissance. It has enough room to carry a few passengers and a small amount of cargo. The Starshadow’s main armament is a stealth railgun, capable of firing slugs at significant percentage of the speed of light with almost no chance of detection, giving it extreme surgical precision.

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