Star Citizen makes $40 million, no ponies in sight

Star Citizen

By on March 11, 2014 at 6:42 pm

Back in November I accidentally reported Star Citizen‘s fundraising amount incorrectly — I was two million out, and two days behind — and so as penance I wrote this joking article here about how the game would inevitably make $40 million and guessed that the contents that would unlock would be ‘a fully-realised Imperial Star Destroyer licensed from LucasArts” and “a pony”.

Well, somehow, I was wrong. Very wrong. In fact at $40 million, which was just announced overnight, you’ll be getting two new systems to explore: the Kabal System, a seemingly empty system which has somehow been accumulating weaponry, and the Oretani System, where the only colonists sent in where stranded when the jump point collapsed and was unable to be reopened. Innnnnnteresting stuff.

The stretch goals for $42 million have also been revealed, and they’re quite ambitious. Aside from a new ship model for the single-player campaign and giving you a towel in your hangar (yes) RSI are promising a fully-fledged ‘Observist’ galactic companion, a real-time, updating encyclopaedia of the universe that changes based on player actions. It is – of course – inspired by The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, for those of you playing along at home.

Check out the whole thing here. A pony, honestly.

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Source: Thanks, Rulke

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I would go with systems not galaxies :D

Kinda bummed at no pony :(


No pony? That’s it I’m off to lynch Star Citizen HQ. Who’s with me? I have plenty of pitchforks and torches for everyone!


you’ll be getting two new galaxies to explore

Are you sure you don’t mean systems? :P


For $40 million I do expect the Kabal System to get the same treatment as the rest of the game and have lots of NPC’s with voice acted dialog for 100% immersion.


Galaxies, systems, whatever gosh it’s not rocket science


You must feel like a bit of a tit now Tim ;) But yes, it is staggering to think they’ve hit $40 million. More staggering for me that after backing the game I no longer care until the game is launched. Too burnt out from so much developer info!


I’m kinda slow this week I think, I just made the connection between 42 million and towel. And a guide that behaves similar to the fabled Hitchhiker’s Guide. *facepalm*


They may not be ‘a fully-realised Imperial Star Destroyer licensed from LucasArts’ but have you seen their capital ships? Especially the concept art for the Vanduul version. I don’t think you were that far off with that prediction but I’m very disappointed about the lack of a pony. You raised my hopes and now you’ve totally crushed them. Shame on you!


Chris Roberts stated a while back that they would be collaborating with Warhorse Studios, the developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Unfortunately, he also confirmed that Star Citizen would not be getting any of the mounts created for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, so definitely no ponies. You were so close with you prediction about the pony but Chris Roberts just had to shoot you down.


My gosh. When are they going to stop these fanciful promises and actually deliver, or is it just me?



Which fanciful promises are you talking about here?


vcatkiller, i think the Pharoah is referring to a playable game. something they said would be 2015 at the earliest. every stretch goal at this point, just puts a ton of work into the MMO part of the game rather than the combat / singleplayer game coming out in … probably 2015 as well.

thepharoah:When are they going to stop these fanciful promises and actually deliver, or is it just me?

Hangar to view the ships has been out for a few months now, the Dogfighting and combat module is supposed to be out now, but it’s been pushed back to April and PAX to put more into it. there’s a PR release/Monthly Report for Feb that covers this.

there’s also a rough video of the dogfighting ‘alpha’ on the site from december, and they’re still updating the ‘beta’ to include oculus rift support and some more of the test weapons still need to have animation and damage improved. All the extras they want to fit in, just adds time,

IMO, the delay is simply dealing with cryengine and the animations for the ships that they haven’t finished, a lot of the ships are rendered, but not fully animated, and they really need to improve the UI so that people can get into and out of ships that just aren’t finished yet. they also need enemy ships to shoot at, which haven’t been seen yet.

There’s also a 4th and 5th hangar which they haven’t put into the Hangar module yet. there are plans to soft-release the beta of dogfighting for VIP’s and members a week before PAX, but it’s not entirely likely that its ready to go yet.

keep an eye on the RSI youtube channel for updates. which gets a little cheezy, but it’s amateurish on purpose. mostly.


Still regret talking myself out of a scythe, looking forward to taking my 350r for a spin in the dog fighting module though.

That encyclopedia sounds cool.



Mostly my point. None of their promises have seemed fanciful in the least. Yet we still get people commenting as if they’ve already failed. It’s getting a little old people predicting the apocalypse because the game’s not out right this second, despite them saying right from the beginning it wouldn’t be released until 2015.


sorry, posted at work and didn’t have the time to elaborate. What I’m on about is that, at the beginning it was say:
- we make $1m, we’ll get a game that works, plus 1 ship
- we make $2m, we get that plus a new galaxy
- etc etc

which is fine…thats what crowdfunding is for. however, they’ve now cracked $40m (which is great) however they keep promising more and more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it, however they can’t keep promising the world because $40m is a lot, however EA with a bigger budget than that still puts out crap.

I’d rather they say ‘okay, we’ve promised x and we’ve raised $40m+ and counting. Let us deliver on what we’ve promised to date before we promise more’, or we’ll be left with a huge backlash if the actual game delivered doesn’t meet expectations.

What I’m saying is…they need to learn ‘underpromise and overdeliver’ unless they’re 110% sure their product will:
- work;
- deliver on everything they’ve promised; AND
- knock our socks off.

Just to clarify, I WANT this future sim to work and will put my money where my mouth is, however please don’t promise me the world until I can see what I’m going to get.


If only you’d pay attention to what they say before forming a flawed opinion.
none of the stretch goals affects the release schedule.
More money = more employees to do work.
More work in the same time frame.

they now have over 200 employees.

The more money people put in, the more that can be done by the release date.

as if every major game doesn’t have its release schedule pushed back while in development anyway.


Thats my opinion and I stick by it. I’m always happy to be proven wrong and, like I said above, I WANT this sim to work and be the next best thing, however we can’t all be ‘believers’

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