Origin will go fully digital on April 4th, confusing everyone who thought it was already fully digital


By on March 31, 2014 at 6:24 pm

Yes that’s right folks, as of April 4th – this Friday – EA’s digital publishing platform Origin will go fully digital, ceasing to sell physical copies of its games in favour of an entirely digital approach.

This news will no doubt come as a shock to some – like Tim and me, who did not previously realise that Origin actually sold physical copies of games in the first place. “But shouldn’t you two, who write about the industry, kind of know that?” You ask? Yes, maybe we should. Maybe some things slip through and we’re not super computers and we can’t know everything, not all the time. Oh good, this is just great – Tim has gone back to the crawlspace. Are you proud of yourself tough guy? Do you feel like a big tough man now? You make me sick.

If you’d like to learn more (although not a lot more) you can read about it over on the Origin News Blog. Meanwhile I am going to go coax Tim out of the crawlspace, because it’s my turn to hide out in there.

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A truer title has yet to be written.

I was so confused over this revelation when I read about it the other day. XD

For clarification you can still buy their games in disc format at retail, it’s just now that Origin itself will not sell/ship physical copies anymore.




They shipped products?! I don’t even.


People purchased from Origin?


Afaik they only shipped from the us store to us addresses.


I did, got Dead Space for Free :D

Not gonna pay them a cent though!


Who wants to take the bet that even when EA stop physical copies of games the prices for digital games for Australian’s won’t drop?



Nobody with sense? :P


MXN Origin is cheap :)


MXN Origin is cheap :)

And by cheap you mean expensive right? As it is in no way cheap compared to any independent online retailer.



I payed $5 for BF3 sometime last year.



I payed $5 for BF3 sometime last year.

I call bullshit on this one, sales cheapen IP remember.


Who wants to take the bet that even when EA stop physical copies of games the prices for digital games for Australian’s won’t drop?

They’re not stopping physical copies though, they’re just not going to sell them directly themselves.

And look, the ignorance train about what EA said about sales is here, choo choo.


I always thought the origin site was a troll site….. so u can actually buy games from it?


I must admit I was unaware that Origin sold physical copies of games. Seeing the only time I’ve actually used the Origin client was to stick in Humble Bundle codes this isn’t going to effect me at all, but it’s kind of interesting.

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