Minecraft on Oculus Rift cancelled as Notch airs concerns about Facebook


By on March 26, 2014 at 1:44 pm

The news that Facebook had acquired Oculus Rift was interesting enough, but the aftermath promises to be even more interesting: Minecraft creator Notch has officially scrapped plans for a Rift version of the game.

“We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to Oculus,” said Notch. “I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out.”

Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan responded to the tweet, saying “Perhaps we can help out”. Are Razer getting into VR? Interesting times ahead.

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Haha. Minecraft got on the NOPE train to fuckthattown


Zuckerberg’s attitude toward peoples privacy should be enough to creep everyone out.

Nasty Wet Smear

So, the new Rift scans your eyeballs and automatically updates the new facebook account it just created for you to tell everyone the exact size of your genitals? :(




As much as all this “nope” is entertaining. Is it really the death knell sounding? Granted that I am in no way knowledgeable on the subject, just curious.



Hopefully it isn’t a big deal, if FB give Oculus as much autonomy as possible and don’t interfere except to shovel money their way then it’s probably going to be Ok. If they decide they need to integrate as much FB rubbish into the peripheral and software as they can then that’s all folks…



I don’t think it’s a death knell. I think most of us would be happier knowing a guy like John Carmack (anti software patents, pro open source etc) is helping call the shots at Oculus as opposed to Facebook which makes it’s money selling our personal data.


I don’t know of any $2 billion acquisitions that were “death knelled” by a guy who made a cool video game saying he’s out.



If I paid $2 billion dollars for something I sure as shit wouldn’t sit back and throw more money at it without making sure my interests were followed.


Given Facebooks history with Hardware and just general mis-management. Yes this is a death knell.



I wouldn’t pay 2 billion dollars for something unless I knew I could just sit back and throw money at it and it would still make a lot more money back. If you have to interfere in a company to keep it on track then obviously the company wasn’t worth spending money on in the first place.


Great…. the one thing in the last 20 years that looked set to step gaming up to the next level and it gets acquired by the biggest douchebag company to ever exist.

Can’t wait to have a seizure as cookie based ads pop up mid firefight. Pretty soon I’m going to need a facegoogle account login to take a dump… cause somehow im sure they can sell that information too.



It’s not so much interfering as it’s making they they do what you want the unit to do for you and your company, I mean honestly, you wouldn’t fork out $2billion if you didn’t have plans in place for it?



Yeah I’d have plans alright, plans to have them develop the thing that they know and make bucket loads of cash for me while I try not to interfere. If things don’t seem to be going smoothly then I might yank the reigns a little. I might even approach them and pick their brains a little on projects I could do with it. I certainly wouldn’t divert their resources and try to change their direction though.


Why do people care so much about what Notch has to say?
The man’s a one-hit-wonder who got lucky, all he does now is just throw his money at stuff.


Personally, I don’t really care… but I kinda like his attitude.



Well I *was* going to buy a Oculus Rift when the commercial version was available… dam this news sucks.



Yeah I’d have plans alright, plans to have them develop the thing that they know and make bucket loads of cash for me while I try not to interfere.

the amount of money they can make selling it as a games device probably pales in comparison to what they can make as a social, data collection andadvertisment delivery device. They will do the things with it that make the most money, because they are a public company, and the shareholders are quite anxious for facebook to actually make some revenue.

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