Facebook buys Oculus Rift for $2 billion, riots expected in streets


By on March 26, 2014 at 11:58 am

As you’ve no doubt heard this morning, Facebook has acquired the entire Oculus Rift company for a whopping $2 billion USD.

Both companies are understandably thrilled about the merger, with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg calling virtual reality “the platform of tomorrow”, and saying that “Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever, and change the way we work, play and communicate.”

Meanwhile, Oculus’s Brendan Iribe is all party hats and whistles, saying that they are “excited to work with Mark and the Facebook team to deliver the very best virtual reality platform in the world.”

“We believe virtual reality will be heavily defined by social experiences that connect people in magical, new ways. It is a transformative and disruptive technology, that enables the world to experience the impossible, and it’s only just the beginning.”

There’s a broad range of emotions being thrown around regarding this acquisition, including “Well, whatever helps get VR off the ground” and of course “Facebook? KILL IT WITH FIRE”. Please choose the one that most suits you.

Thanks to the literally eight people who emailed this news in this morning, and to James for the header image.

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I was almost tempted to actually send in my own but held off thinking “surely GoN have already noticed this? They’ll be posting their own article any minute now…”


2014 and john carmack now works for Facebook

RIP occulus it was a nice dream while it lasted


I’ve never bought into this VR ‘oculus’ hype from the start to begin with anyway, give me a regular; non-vomit/headache/vertigo inducing screen to look at any day.

Hilarious picture by the way ;)


I’m sitting on the fence with this one. It could be a good or a bad thing.
If they let the devs work away without interference then it might not be an issue. Facebook has a lotta money they can throw at this thing so it could be a blessing in disguise.




April fools is still afew days away….




Price hike? Now that FB is going to have two billion dollars to recoup before even seeing a cent of mega profit, they will gouge the bejesus out of us.



Actually I almost could imagine the price would drop a little, however we’d be bombarded with adverts every time we use it. Get to scary point in OR Game and then bam! Farmville advert. Yay.


Heres a reddit post from Palmer Luckey the founder of the Rift


Smell that marketing and public relations BS, its been downvoted to hell.

and Notch has canned the Rift Minecraft verion


Sony have got to be jumping with joy because of how perfectly timed they announced their VR unit for the PS4


Still trying to work out what a tomrorow is. Tim could you help with this?


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DIE FACEBOOK. one good thing coming up for the PC thats new and we have always wanted it to be so easily accessible AND FACEBOOK IS GOING TO FUCK IT.



My wife had just given me permission to order the DK2 after getting a chance to play with a DK1 on Sunday.

At this point I’ve lost all interest. More and more of the great minds of our industry are spending their days figuring out innovative new ways of advertising, and gee that’s sad.


WOW, cant believe that has happened, I bought the Dev Kit 1 and loved it from a enthusiast point of view and was hopeing more would come by the dev kit 2 and the consumer model.

Now that reading facebook bought it made me cry a little.

I hate Facebook (even though I use it, ironic much) and how much we get bombared with spam and shit and now they own the OR, it just doesnt match but I can only guess where its going to go thats for sure.

Looks like ill be buying the Sony one instead, or we can only wish that carmack lands a job with STEAM and help produce the VR that was touted many months ago.

Anyway see what happens and what path they go with it now.


I can’t believe this shit. I think I’m going to cry a little. Well, there goes the future of VR. Thanks for selling out Oculus…. :/ Facebook? Really….? Facebook? Ugh… There goes any hope of being solely focused on delivering the best VR game experiences, now it will be about ‘social interactions in the VR space’ or some other marketing BS targeting the masses…. ;_; RIP Oculus…


I honestly don’t see this doing too much harm to the project. I doubt they’re going to throw out the gaming prospects of the system, they’re too far along to dump now. It just means the platform might now also support things beyond gaming


/brb necking myself.


Honestly, I would have taken the $2 billion dollars as well.


sad sad news indeed

might have to get one of the dev kit version 2′s before t hey fill the software with bloatware from friendface ;(



actually its 1.6 billion in facebook stock and the remainder in USD

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