EverQuest turns 15, celebrates with video, infographic

EverQuest II

By on March 15, 2014 at 11:03 am

What do you want for EverQuest’s birthday? Well, here’s what you’re getting: a celebratory video and infographic.

I know at least some of our members were out of nappies in 1999, so I expect all EverQuest veterans to step forward and make themselves known by sharing their most treasured memories of Sony Online Entertainment’s seminal MMORPG.

For details of how you can join the anniversary celebrations, see the latest producer’s letter, which details new content and promotions during March and April.


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Barbarian Shammy, Quellious!


Cant read that infographic very well.. :\


lol the info-graphic is so tiny!


What is this: an infographic for ants?


<<< did both Mage and SK epic quests.
also did SK epic 1.5/2 but that was considerably easier then 1.
Those were the days when finding the parts for a quest was so epicly rare that almost no one knew for sure what caused the mob who dropped the bit you need to even spawn much less a sure location for finding it when it did spawn.

I'm sure everyone who played back in the day [before PoK and teleporting everywhere was a thing] knows what I'm talking about ;)

Kithicor at night anyone?

Camping for FBSS in lower guk?
met my first SK in lower guk as a baby mage, he saved us from a bad agro and he had a massive 5k hp and 1100ac, I was in awe and made an ogre SK which became my main.
When I finished playing EQ my SK had 25k HP and 5k AC, some magnitudes of order more powerful then the first SK i'd met in EQ.
These days I think raid geared SKs [as I was] are hitting 60khp or more and 15k ac or more? not really sure. but thats some nifty gear inflation.

Never got to do the sleeper, another gild did it and it was disabled forever, no prismatic weapons for me.

camping for a key to SSRA?
if you've done it then you know what I'm talking about, it rivals camping for the mage epic 1 quest.

doing SSRA to get everyone into VT…
Back in the day when getting a golden rod on a knight was the shit.

In the whole time I played I was the only person I know who got the shrink ring from VT, and as an orge SK that made raiding easier, not even counting being able to shrink everyone on the raid.
Then there was that one time where because of the buggy wall agro in VT our monk [and guild leader at the time] pulled 35 mobs at once and somehow with awesome CC from our enchanters and SK team we locked down 29 of them while warriors tanked the rest with a CH rotation and this went on for about an hour while we killed them.
for anyone wondering, for some reason in this zone [and that expansion in general] the mobs has insane amounts of HP for people who were only geared from lower, period appropriate, content and each mob takes several mins to kill when most of the raid is busy with crowd control instead of DPS]
Our first complete [ending with Aten] VT clear took 13 hours, we weren't a zerg guild, but we got things done anyway.

Then there was getting everyone keyed for PoTime when pok was released.
The second time we did PoEb another guild asked if they could come along for their second pass too to finish getting that part of the PoTime key done, so that day was the largest ever raid I was in, over 140 people, and I was both main puller and boxing one of our best clerics who couldn't make it that day and once the pulls were complete I off-tanked for 25 mins while also being in the heal rotation.
talk about being busy.

Anyone remember doing rallos zek and dealing with the adds in the pit?
My crack SK team kited every single adds around the pit while the rest of the raid focused on killing RZ.
Was a great raid because kiting was my plan and it worked great :D
At that time my SK team was the best on the server, maybe best in all of EQ, while other guilds wouldn't recruit SKs because they were thought to be useless [this is before the days of massive on demand AOE agro] we had 5 and we did stuff no one else could dream of, manipulating mob agro like a boss, pulling better then monks, invul rotations for bosses with insta-death abilities. [back in the VT days we learned to agro train through VT to bypass all the trash, having SKs lead the trash away and tank it for 15 secs while invulnerable, to feign death once the rest of the raid was in the next safe area, using a mage to CoH us back.]
The only thing warriors had that an SK didn't was taunt and defensive, but finding SKs who knew what they were doing was tough back then, warriors who could press taunt and then defensive, otoh, were a dime a dozen ;)

Having other guilds trying to cock block you from getting keys so they could raid PoTime with less competition was always fun, particularly in PoW, being cockblocked while under water was the best ….

During our first PoTime raid my guild leader called me on the phone to have a chat while we raided…. he lives in sweden.

Did DoD expansion before it was toned down for the cry babies.
So what that trash mobs, of which there is a never ending amount before you get to where you want to go, are 1 shoting everyone except warriors using defensive and you need a full tank and healer rotation for trash mobs in group content and that even some raids wiped from non-raid trash content over-pulls …. pfft suck it up. ;)
Its good times having an alt-mage pick up unwanted raid loot because he's the CoH bot in the zone for calling in raid members past a vast amount of trash mobs, making the raid time considerably shorter.

After that things because much easier with all future expansions being instanced so that guilds no longer had to compete and race to raid content every time it spawned.

To me it felt like expansions went down hill after OoW.
The zones and raids just didn't feel the same anymore.
they had their moments but it just want as fun like the old days.

EQ was good times back in the day, it came about just after i finished high school and while I still had so much time I could devote to whatever I wanted.

EQ was good times, I still remember nearly every raid from OoW and earlier even though I havn't played EQ in 10 years.

there isn't many games you remember like that.


Thanks for the post TRB. It reminds me that although I never played I have memories of reading other players’ stories from the game.

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