Enemy Front teaser explores the Warsaw Uprising


By on March 9, 2014 at 11:57 am

The latest trailer for Enemy Front gives us a look at the Warsaw Uprising.

For those outside the history buff camp, the Warsaw Uprising was an operation enacted by the Polish Home Army. It took place in 1944, and was the largest military resistance staged during World War II. Quite an interesting period, then, and one developer City Interactive has chosen as one of the main battlegrounds players will explore as they trek through Europe.

Enemy Front stars American war correspondent Robert Hawkins and has players aiding resistance against Nazi occupation via sniping, stealth, sabotage and firefights. It’s due sometime in winter.

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The trailer is amazing, but the gameplay looks like absolute rubbish.


I aree, great trailer. However I remember seeing some pre-alpha gameplay aggges ago which from memory I found quite interesting probably more due to the time period – which gameplay are you saying looks rubbish? Have they released any more?


ITS CITY INTERACTIVE, its most likely going to be nothing BUT rubbish. most of their games are. well, sniper ghost warrior 2 was ok, but mostly their games are rubbish.

The only redeeming thing is theyre using cryengine 3, but probably dont know how to make it sing.

EDIT: actually the game play looks REALLY good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KD8YXuqmJA
13min video. its 13 levels, each level is ‘open’ world. And its not tri colour drab browns and greys, theres lot of color. looking promising.


It will be nice to kill some nazis again. I’m just about done with zombies. Hmm there’s a thought… A nazi occupation survival MMO.


I saw a gameplay a while ago which was just lone wolf wave after wave and I felt sick. I cant wait for Brothers in Arms to return..


Very very powerful trailer. The developers have gone our of their way to depict ‘WAFFEN SS’ soldiers as child killers. The distinctive ‘patch cammo’ and SS collars.

The WAFFEN SS troops during the uprising were RUSSIAN COLABORATORS………yes they were Russians in German uniforms.


Should we put into a game what we ALLIES, the ‘good guys’ , did to any WAFFEN soldier that had their blood group tattooed on their arms when captured? ………………….I think not.


Is there ever a time to move on? Should we still hate the French for the Napoleonic wars? Maybe the Italians for the Roman conquest????

Not defending the Nazi’s, and no army was without atrocities in WWII including the WAFFEN SS, however, they were for the most part professional war fighters and not exterminators like the black uniform GESTAPO SS who ran the ‘total solution system’.

I find this cheap advertising as offensive, disrespectful,

Shit game I will not buy………FULL STOP

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