Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls giveaway – Win all the gear, a new monitor, and more

By on March 26, 2014 at 1:03 pm

games.on.net has teamed up with Blizzard, SteelSeries and BenQ to give away an amazing Reaper of Souls package to our fine readers — yes, we’re talking to you! You there, with your sub-par monitor and inferior headphones. Why not level up your gear in real life as well as in-game?

Our first-prize winner in this amazing competition will walk away with…

But don’t worry! There’s more – second prize winners will get a SteelSeries Diablo 3 mouse and mousepad as well as a copy of the game, and third prize winner also gets the game and a mousepad. That’s a good loot drop by anybody’s standards (thanks, Loot 2.0!)

How do I win?

It’s easier than putting your sword through a goatman’s face – all you have to do to win is, in 150 words or less, tell us (and Blizzard) what you’d like to see in the next Diablo 3 expansion. You can be funny, serious, wistful – whatever you like. The three most creative entries as chosen by our judges will win (please don’t be boring and say “offline mode lol”). Your entry must take the form of a comment on this article below.

(Yes I know some of you hate competitions where you just have to write words – but we need to make it even for everybody!)

The fine print

Entries to this competition are governed by the Terms and Conditions listed on this page. You have from now until 11:59 PM Adelaide time on Wednesday, April 9. Entries are open to Australian residents only and you may only enter once per person! Good luck!

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Skins in an online shop.


Blizzard is pleased to announce “Diablo 3: Rainbow Unicorn Revengeance”

In an alternate time-line, you fail to kill Malthael and as a result, all the evil and demons have been purged from the world! The world has now been overrun by the cute, fluffy and cuddly creatures from Whimsyshire! Everything is bright neon colors similar to Whimsyshire, you will explore the wonderful lands of Candy Town, and Sugar Slopes! among others. But there’s something amiss, chaos ensues in the land of dead, you must go and stop Malthael finally in death. Only then will things return to how they used to be. Otherwise you will haunt the lands of Whimsyshire for all eternity…and forever will the conflict in death be unresolved…




Of all the things I’d like to see
For the expansion,
First most in my mind would have to be a
Large change in character development.
I think being able to change stats and a
New system for a skill tree that
Enables players to select skills would
More than alter the mechanics
Of this title. What it would
Do is create a greater character diversity
Every time a new character is
Let loose in the world.
Of all the things that could change I
Long for more character diversity.


I would like to see another class, based heavily around the druid; with all of the cool shape shifting and nature bending included. A campaign chapter which revolves around some greener landscapes, with dark foreboding issues and groves within would make me so damn happy, and tie in to the release of the druid-esque class. That way it starts out all “Oooh wow, nature. Shiney!” and ends all “Oh my god, how did I get here and why are those demon spider women so HAIRY?!”. Or something like that.


(Yes I know some of you hate competitions where you just have to write words – but we need to make it even for everybody!)

More than hate em, how are they even judged? so how is it fair for everyone?

A simple draw is fair, this is not.. but meh


Angels decide humans are too dangerous and try to wipe us out, with Tyrael at the helm. The Demons help us fight back as they are concerned for their own survival if humans are destroyed. Uneasy alliance with Diablo and the return of Mephisto and Baa’l (and all 5 lesser demons).

A never ending dungeon (and a return of the 3 prime and 5 lesser demons throughout).

A remake of the first games dungeon as a special unlock.(with SK, Butcher and a Manly Diabs for final boss)


Deckard Cain prequel, fighting in his youth for his quest for dark knowledge while also the schoolmaster prior to getting married and being a scholar.


What every RPG needs, The Bard (with a diabolic twist). With Blizzard’s intimate knowledge of how the world can rock and/or roll with the Tauren Chieftan, I’m sure they could get the idea working. But how?! cried the townsfolk. Simple. This new class is fielded by a devil. But a devil is the devil! You can’t do that! cried the townsfolk. Why yes, yes I can. The devil will be bound by the Paladin to be forced to constantly rock out against the other demons, creatures and bastards controlled by the chaos of the Diablo universe. You must be careful while playing though, rocking the Axe De La Muerte will turn you back to the dark side, so you must whip out the Angelic Harp of Dischords and keep your harmonious balance tight. This balance of light and dark will bring a nice dichotomy of flavour to this game.


darknessau: A simple draw is fair, this is not.. but meh

Sorry friend, unfortunately a random draw is classed as “gambling” under SA law so we have to pay a gambling fee if we want to host such a draw. So it’s a game of skill!


Simple. I’d like to see innovation.


Being a gamer who’s married to a non-gaming wife my life is fraught with perils. Accusations along the lines of “You spend too much time gaming when you could spend it with me!” often occurs in my household.

Therefore, one thing I’d like to see in the next Diablo 3 expansion is a wife companion! This wife companion follows your character around never getting angry when you pull one mob too many and when you do she jumps in and unleashes her anger upon those enemy mobs rather than poor gamer husbands character. Drops also become more plentiful as enemy mobs bribe her with nice drops after she’s demoralized them with verbal assaults.

Adding ‘wife companion’ to the next Diablo 3 expansion will make my gaming life better as I can play Diablo guilt free and if she arcs up I can proclaim “I have been playing with you wifey!”


Diablo 3: Reaper of Bovine souls

Return to the fabled Cow level and engage in bovine combat once again!

Fight against the black and white mooing fiends for amazing treasure.
Craft amazing new items like The Spilled Milk, Udder Madness and The Bulls Horn, to name but a few.

A brand new player class will be made available: The Farmer. Use the Farmer’s amazing cow crowd control abilities to herd the enemy where ever you want them to go.

Unrivaled replayabilty – you can play until the cows come home…then you can massacre them all!

Collector’s Edition includes the spectral kelpie.


A fun PVP mode with teams, ranked tournaments, competitions, maybe a ladder.


Needs more cowbell.


In the next expansion I’d like to see a ragtag bunch of orphans join your party who you can send out to pickpocket both your foes and friends alike. I’d like this to be paired with an intricate friendship system, Persona-style, so that a couple of the little rapscallions become your ‘favourites’ and the others can begin to resent them, and you. This can lead to unpredictable reactions such as stealing more to impress you or stabbing you in the back and running away crying. Obviously at least one musical number would need to be incorporated where both the mechanics of play and dynamics of friendship are explained. A quick-time interface would suffice for the dance moves. 80s sitcoms can be the model for the orphans stats, with a ‘love’ and ‘learn’ bar for each instead of ‘health’. The big reveal? They’re little angels earning their wings.


I’d love to see further improvements to the systems in place, such as Rifts and Bounties.

I’d love to see Legendary or unique Rift Keystones for example people loved Diablo 2 LOD. You could have a legendary rift keystone called

“Keystone of Destruction – Opens a portal to worlds of the past.”

This rift would be random level layouts the same design as zones form Diablo 2. the rift boss can be any of the old games bosses Anderial,Mephisto etc.


Following on from the prophecy of the ends of days, there is a line ‘Fate lies shattered forever’. This potentially refers to the archangel Itherael. As a result, what I would like to see in the next expansion would focus more so on the undetermined fate of the Nephalem, Humans and Sanctuary, of Itherael himself and on the events that would lead to his ‘shattering’. I would also like to potentially more of Imperius and a resolution of the hostility between him and the Nephalem.

In terms of characters, I would like to see an engineer/inventor type class who can make all sorts of weird contraptions, and would serve as somewhere between a support character, being able to provide buffs, and a ranged DPS using his various contraptions as weapons.

Finally I would also like to see an endless game mode, fighting hordes until you drop, with scoring and rewards.


I would like to see Diablo expand into the mobile market as a turn based pay to win model for the next expansion.
The long awaited return of the necromancer and druid would happen here as a premium unlock via in game transactions.

Nasty Wet Smear

To make it easier for the consumer, the next expansion should come with a mouse that is already ruined in the box and a little, digital stop watch that measures how many seconds of your life have been wasted and sends you an email, estimating what you could have done with the time you have just used.

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