Diablo 3 offering double XP this weekend


By on March 23, 2014 at 10:56 am

Diablo 3′s 50% bonus XP has been upgrade to a full 100% – that’s double XP – for this weekend only.

Okay, yes, it’s Sunday, and you would maybe have liked to know this Friday night, but given the whole timezone thing you still have plenty of time to take advantage. No excuses: you have until just after 6:00 PM Sydney time on Monday.

Blizzard’s idea seems to be to give you an extra helping hand to max out your character and Paragon levels ahead of the launch of Reaper of Souls, as well as encourage you to become familiar with the latest patch before the expansion introduces even more new information to digest. Reaper of Souls is due on Tuesday.

Source: Battle.net

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Bliz also put in a hotfix “Reduced the amount of experience granted by monsters with lower than average health pools.” which is for monsters like scorpions in act 3 and skeletons in act 1 so now there are many reports that despite the extra XP boost people actually level slower now


Bah loaded the game yesterday morning, looked at the screen, went “can’t be bothered” and logged off again. What’s wrong with me?


Bah loaded the game yesterday morning, looked at the screen, went “can’t be bothered” and logged off again.What’s wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong vcatkiller! just means you aren’t in the mood to play right now, happens to me often with a lot of games. It also helps if you have friends that play D3 as well. Always more fun playing with people you know.


Hadn’t checked the XP bonus, guess this is why my Monk is levelling so fast right now. :D


If I could actually play without the crippling lag that I suffer every time I login at the moment, it would help…


/considers taking Monday off work…



Yeah guess so. Logged in earlier today, went out, bashed about half a dozen monsters and went, “still can’t be bothered.” Might have to skip out and get back into it at a later date, play something else for a while…mind you spent most of the day bouncing from game to game and couldn’t settle down on anything, just went off and watched some anime instead. Oh well.


Takes about 30 minutes to get a toon from 1-60 running t6 at the moment. So I now have a level 60 of each class… Not sure which is my favourite … Demon hunter is definitely my least favourite though.



Um what?! 30 mins from level 1-60? How do you weave this sorcery?


Torment lvl6 that’s how ;)

Though I know what ya mean vcatkiller. I’ve lost a lot of enthusiasm for games at the moment. It’s more of a playing them because I’m bored than playing them for the enjoyment of them.

Still can’t connect to a damn server without 1000+ms of lag :(



What region are you connected to? I’m on the Americas with 20-30ms thanks to the new aussie servers.



What oblivion said you get 3200% increased xp in t6. Get a Friend to run you through torment 6 or yell at me Before Tommorow And ill run you.


I got a DH from level 1-60 with a few nights of play, some of it in Torment 4 with a lvl 60 mate. It’s not the best fun, but it’s a great way to power level.


I did my leveling on Sat… despite the hotfix I did 30 paragon levels to get me up to P100. Even managed to get to open houses and do two weeks worth of ironing that day too! Just goes to show how much xp one gets even in T4 or T5.

And yeah, I plan on playing the Crusader on T6 to level him up to 70 quickly and on 1 play through of the game. I got plenty of nice items with reduced level requirements and a Vit HF ring with some good life regen to allow him to tank well at low level… the extra paragon points help too. Just having 100+ All Res for any character that’s below level 45 reduces damage so much.

Also suggest stacking a few pools of reflection on your current characters before RoS hits so you can level them up to 70 from just playing Act 5.


I played my first 4 player coop game yesterday with players twice/triple my wussy p28.

I learnt the meaning of ‘speed run’ and ‘loot run’ :D



LOL. Yeah, some players really get around quickly.

Note that higher paragon levels don’t make it easier… it’s all about your gear and build. More so the build. Try to have one skill that gets you around quickly.

Before patch 2.0 when I was still running a CM Wizard, I was using the Wizards teleport skill with the rune that delays the cooldown start for 1sec after a teleport. This allowed me to get in 4 teleports before the skill went into cooldown and was the only way I could keep up with other players.

Other skills like sprint, leap, spirit walk, vault, dashing strike, and tempest rush are also good.

Increased movement speed helps. Most people have +12% on their shoes… maybe another 10-12% from another item like pants, bracers or belt… but to really zip around, it’s all about the skills you use.


I have the Hammer Jammers legendary pants which gives 10% movement speed. They can’t touch me.


Love the Hammer Jammers… had bought a pair for my WD originally but found a pre-2.0 pair later on which was a really good roll for the Crusader I will be playing soon. The movement bonus will come in handy to negate the movement speed penalty that Crusaders get when they use a 2H weapon in one hand. I also have The Butcher’s Carver (2H Axe) which is gonna look so sick being wielded in one hand – mwhahahahaha!

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