Defiance gets staggeringly expensive weapons pack


By on March 15, 2014 at 10:22 am

Defiance developer Trion Worlds has released its anticipated Gunslinger Trials DLC pack, and sparked something of a scandal with a breathtaking price tag.

One of the updates key features is a new way to earn very powerful weapons, but if you can’t be bothered playing your way through co-op arena challenges to earn these drops, you can just buy the optional Legendary Weapon Kit.

“Game gets DLC” isn’t something we’d normally get especially excited about, but this one really felt worth reporting because of its whopping price tag of 8,000 bits – which works out to about USD$77, apparently.

Some players responded by calling this a pay-to-win scheme, but Trion was having none of it, saying that paid lockboxes have been available from the start – and also that a future update will make it easier to earn high-tier drops through play.

“We continue to evolve each player’s ability to play Defiance how they want. With our fifth DLC we’re creating a way for players to earn a special currency which will allow them to purchase top-tier gear by facing more challenging content, allowing another way for players to mitigate RNG,” the developer said.

“With the Legendary Weapon Kit, we enable players who wish to play with a fully-modded legendary weapon to do so at a premium price. They could acquire similar items through gathering keycodes and faction rep, but this bypasses the significant time and risk involved in that process.”

Source: Blue’s News

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They could acquire similar items through gathering keycodes and faction rep, but this bypasses the significant time and risk involved in that process.”

Now I have a lot of disposable income and certainly in some games I’ve just spent money instead of wasting my time “farming/grinding” for something. D3′s Auction houses were a godsend for me after spending years of botting in D2.

But I must say that it did trivialize the major part of the game which it is designed for. But I am also happy that they are removing it and have actually put loot 2.0 in it’s place. I also don’t understand how they can say it’s not pay to win and still release the above statement. If they are saying that I’m guessing it’s not like WoW where “legendary” quality items aren’t the best?


Keep guessing then, Legendary are the best, but do have partially random stats. The purchased ones are the best stats possible. So yeah that’s P2W.

Problem is they are trying to make Defiance into something that makes their money back, however much you polish a turd though…


Well it is nice to see that people who bought season passes way back when…are getting their monies worth with this pack.

I hardly play anymore but ill probably log in and putz around a bit and check everything out.

I think the bottom line with stuff like this: They need money if this games going to stay well developed.

I doubt they are breaking even on a development team with a game that’s selling for $5, no monthly sub, and a cash shop that’s very…forgettable…meaning theres not much reason to spend money….

So now they are probably making season pass buyers feel a bit less ripped off (previous season DLC has been very optional and forgettable) but also taking a payday of fans of the game who didn’t get the season pass…im sure a few exist.

Sad this game got the mmorpg tag, and the mmorpg crowd…I thought it was a pretty good PVE based TPS…a bad mmorpg for sure but then it wasn’t suppose to be an RPG.

Certainly not a game youll pound a thousand hours into, but well worth is current price. Hell I don’t even regret my $100 total purchase with game and season pass, was actually fun while it lasted and got a good amount of time out of it…and they didn’t throw it into maintenance mode…at least not yet…but soon im sure…

Game cant be profitable, theres just no reason to really give them money…and the $5 for the game cant be paying a lot of coders to work on the game.


Keep guessing then, Legendary are the best, but do have partially random stats. The purchased ones are the best stats possible. So yeah that’s P2W.

Seriously? lol.

Defiance wasn’t for everyone no doubt, I loved it. Put 330 hours into it and even up to… 100$ I think it was? (They were having a 50% off sale for their bit coin thingy things so I threw some money at them just for the cosmetics) and even I got sick of it eventually, and I love repetition. There was just nothing worth doing it in at the end. I spent 200 hours trying to get better weapons (took 90 hours to beat the storyline / all side quests) and even then, that’s just dungeon farming which although neat, you can just speed run them easily.

Not to mention they promised DLC every 3 months, to of which they did not deliver at all. The first DLC they released was a joke… I think they spent too much time doing the race than actual content…


You are better off just getting a good guide so you can get those legendary items. I used Defiance Guru and it saved me tons of time. I can’t believe they are charging that much for this!


I purchased the game and the DLC and haven’t been back since June. There is no replay value – no matter what you need to have some type of progression to keep people interested. Look at The Secret World -yes it is a different type of game, but you pay once and then get access without a monthly fee.

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