Cliff Bleszinski offers up a dose of reality on Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, calls Notch a “pouty kid”

Cliffy B

By on March 28, 2014 at 8:00 am

Well, Cliff Bleszinski is nothing if not outspoken. The blurb for his Tumblr speaks volumes: “The brain droppings of a formerly employed videogame ninja.” Nevertheless, the man has a lot to say. He’s been around the industry long enough to earn quite a bit of cash – enough to become one of the initial investors in the Oculus Rift – and, as you’d expect, he has quite a few thoughts on the company’s recent acquisition by Facebook.

Thoughts which could principally be summarised as “this is exactly what was going to happen”. I’ll let Cliffy B explain.

“When a company raises money from venture capitalists the end game IS acquisition. While it might have been interesting for a dedicated gaming company to purchase Oculus it might have ultimately limited their potential in regards to the myriad of things that the Rift is capable of,” the founder of Epic Games wrote. “I want games, but I also want virtual tourism. PTSD treatment. End of life quality comfort care improvements. Treatment for a variety of fears. Architectural visualisation. Pilot training. Scuba training. The list simply goes on, and on, and on. Start to imagine a VR experience that’s more social where you can sit, say, in a virtual IMAX with your best friends who all live in different cities and things start getting incredibly intriguing.”

Bleszinski went on to have a further crack at Kickstarter backers, pointing out that investing through Kickstarter guarantees you a reward, not equity, and that “crowdfunding can only take you so far, especially when you’re doing something this ambitious”. Oh and, for added measure, Bleszinski also takes a massive swing at Notch.

“Notch, your cancelling Minecraft makes you look like a pouty kid who is taking his ball and going home. It’s a bratty and petty move and it saddens me greatly,” Cliffy B said in the postscript. Which isn’t an unfair description, but that’s just my opinion (and you don’t want that).

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Notch somewhat reacted to this on twitter.

lol. Some of the reactions to the whole thing is getting a little silly really.


Thus begins the PR dick measuring contest. Start your engines.


I think everybody’s jumping the gun a little, notch included. We don’t know it’s going to end in disaster yet, let’s wait a little and then see what happens before calling the apocalypse.


Yes, how dare Notch for an opinion based on his own preferences and principles and then act on it. He must obey the gods of laissez faire capitalism and accept that other people making money is more important than anything he might care to believe in.


I think everybody’s jumping the gun a little, notch included.

Why? He doesn’t want to develop a game for Facebook. He doesn’t have to.


Well i was intrigued with the rift. Was nearly going to buy a DK2 the other day. Then OR were bought out by facebook. Now i’m going to reserve judgement until the consumer version comes out. Maybe Notch is doing the same, just a bit more dramatic. Chances are he will still be working on getting VR working for minecraft.



He wouldn’t be developing a FB game he’d be adapting an already developed game for the Oculus Rift.

Everybody still seems to be assuming that FB will completely take over Oculus and turn the Rift into an ad-spewing horror device. There’s no indication they won’t but on the flip side there’s no indication they will. Let’s just sit back and see what happens before assuming every Oculus Rift game will now turn into a FB nightmare.



Me too think Ill wait a bit now, or buy something else


I am not a backer.

I agree it was likely inevitable… and that it is about much more than just games….

But facebook?
Almost any other company would have had less backlash (except maybe EA).
I am not a fan of FB… but all we can do is wait and see…
The fact that they have already spoken about adding their own UI and ads into the VR it is disheartening.

Funny though how many people use something they hate from a company they don’t trust on a daily or even hourly basis!!



The fact that they have already spoken about adding their own UI and ads into the VR it is disheartening.

Where did they say that? Link me plz.



No direct source, but it has been reported as such

According to a person involved in the deal who was not allowed to speak publicly because he was not authorized by either company, Facebook eventually plans to redesign the Oculus hardware and rebrand it with a Facebook interface and logo.



Ah ok, now that there does make me nervous…


I have to generally agree with Cliffy’s statements on this one!
There’s huge potential to use this tech in so many industries other than entertainment. FB has the finincial status to bring that tech across the board. As advancements are made for the Oculus in other industries these advancements can come back to the gaming side of things. I could imagine there would be good use of VR in the medical industry.
It almost appears that some people are now telling the people at Oculus that they’re not allowed to make some good cash out of this after all their hard work…

When I pledge to Kickstarter I know that I’m paying some cash to get a product(generally also so I can get early development builds) and not any shares in the company that makes that product…unless this is stated in their pledge rewards.

This kneejerk reaction of people all over is rather silly, amusingly silly at that. No one knows what exactly FB intend to do with Oculus so there’s no point crying until intentions are revealed and if those intentions are dodgey then by all means riot in the streets, but until that time a lotta folk need to chill.

Personally I think Notch has made himself look like an idiot(again) at the expense of his fans who would love to play Minecraft in VR.

Over at reddit I’ve seen peeps having a big sook and cancelling their pre-orders refusing to buy the Oculus now. To them I say “Cheers”, as that means I’ll get mine quicker as I don’t have to wait for units to be built for those cancelled orders. :P

Anyways, rant over…


Wait didn’t cliffy leave the entire industry? and he’s got the cheek to call someone-else a pouty kid.

I don’t really care for notch but if he doesn’t want to work with another company that’s his business… No need for name calling.


The issue here for Notch, myself and many others, is not that of acquisition, or the possibility for VR to grow beyond gaming, but very specifically that of Facebook. As caitsith01 points out, why should anyone not have the right to stand by their principles when they have a personal moral/ethical objection to an entity such as Facebook. It is neither bratty or petty to stand by your convictions. To mock someone for standing by their beliefs, now that is bratty and petty, especially when you have an invested interest in the issue.




Facebook have already responded saying that article is false and a complete hack job.

They are not rebranding it.
(on mobile can’t paste link. Google Facebook not rebranding Oculus.)


gamingken: To mock someone for standing by their beliefs, now that is bratty and petty, especially when you have an invested interest in the issue.

Great post.




Facebook have already responded saying that article is false and a complete hack job.

They are not rebranding it.

If we don’t eventually see a “Facebook” Oculus I’ll eat my hat. Which I will have to buy first.



Here let me try an article…

It’s going to be a tad tricky to slice through all the FUDD, unfortunately there’s going to be a lot more negative speculation than positive speculation surrounding the purchase. Think I’ll go back to just watching and waiting and see what happens but currently still running with my current gut instinct: FB isn’t likely to want to meddle with something that could make them bucket loads of cash. Yeah they’ll do their own thing with it but I doubt that will overwrite what Oculus have planned.

In an update part way into the article.

Can’t vouch for authenticity, but certainly fits expectations

vcatkiller: Where did they say that?Link me plz.

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