Battlefield 4′s netcode and lag issues discussed in new DICE post

Battlefield 4

By on March 4, 2014 at 5:41 pm

DICE have used a new blog post on the official Battlefield blog to address the lag issues in the game and outline their plans for future fixes.

“Fixing the commonly nicknamed ‘netcode issues’ – problems ranging between faulty networking latency compensation and glitches in the gameplay simulation itself – is one of the top priorities for DICE,” says the post. “We’d like to take a moment to discuss how we are addressing these issues, as this is a very hot topic for many of our fans.”

According to DICE, the areas they are looking at are:

  • Rubber banding
  • Kill camera delay / Player death sync
  • Tickrate
  • No registered damage
  • Instant death while sprinting

Other issues such as “Levolution being out of sync, shots appearing to be fired in the wrong direction, and vehicles outside the infantry area not taking damage when fired at” are also being addressed.

Source: Thanks, Nacimota

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This game’s been out for like 4 months and these kinds of issues are still in the game?

What is wrong with game developers these days…


i had HUGE rubber banding issues when it first came out. didnt play it for weeks because of it. Long story short, turns out it was my home network creating the rubberbanding issues, fixed that and its played smoothly ever since. still takes forever to load the game though, because of its size i cant keep on the SSD, and origin being the primitive mess it is cant break up the install directory. :(

still, not good news to those affected.


As I recall these were the same issues back in the Betafield 2 days.


They never hired a networking specialist…

It’s pathetic currently. I’ll have one maybe 2 good games before suddenly I get no rego. Restarting the game is then required to get back the rego. After restart I’m lucky to get half a game of good rego.

Stupid EA riding DICE like they are in Amsterdam…


The funny thing is that all this shit was fixed for 99.99% of people before that last big patch. Then you download the patch and suddenly WORST REGO EVER!

I shot a guy the other night 4 times with the .338 recon, hot markers for 3 of the shots and the 4th can’t have missed, then he dies to a chopper and i dont even get an assist.


Im still getting random crashes back to browser, effectively unplayable for me :(




I guess I’m just lucky as I only get rubberbanding when I’m lagging (ie something using my connection).
The early/weird kill cameras suck, but they don’t particularly upset me.
The tick rate, eh people complain, but doesn’t stop me enjoying the game. But I guess some of the other issues are caused by this, so that could resolve them if they can’t find other solutions.
The hit indicators with no damage are crazy rare for me, but annoying when they happen so hope they get fixed
Haven’t been killed while sprinting, rarely take damage but it does happen, so again nice to get it fixed.
Hit rego is another thing that I personally find ok, but I don’t really jump between fps games so it could well be I’m just used to it, and it’s certainly perfectly acceptable for me, but I’m not a hyper competitive player.

But as always, yes the game has issue, no I’m not ignorant of them just because I’m enjoying the game, for many people still playing BF4 it’s a pretty smooth experience for the most part now, and is a lot of fun with friends.


I’ll buy premium when they fix all that shit… heh… I think my dollars are pretty safe.


Seems they have corrected the random deviation, and is has improved somewhat from launch.

Still some fundamental issues with the game compared to other shooters.

With a ping so low there is still a noticeable time difference between the player and their hitboxes. Getting killed and then hearing the shots is a regular occurrence for me. I also die “killed in action” for no reason at least once every play session.

Can’t see myself playing any more of this into the future, I guess I’m just sensitive the issues when they occur and they occur a lot from my experience.


“we are exploring the possibilities of raising the tickrate on specific servers.”
That’s the biggest cop-out. I can almost guarantee they are just giving everybody false hope until they’ve secured all their DLC sales and Battlefield 5 is announced. The ONE thing needed to fix almost all the problems is to highly increase the tickrate globally which is too much effort for them. I’m pretty pissed off that I wasted so much money on premium. Never again… DICE can suck a dick. (I’m pretty mad)


IMO if they reduce and optimise player count they could do what they say. 64 Players is a selling point though, so you can be god damn sure they won’t change that even though the game falls over with that many players.

They did well to hide the fundamental issues from the masses though. Having failed getting a refund from this drop kick company I’m they are now in my black list, which is saying something in my eyes.


32 player games have been around for years and some 64 + greater games have been around for long enough that run much better than BF4.

I don’t claim to have any idea why BF4 sucks the balls, but….

I suspect if devs spend less time devoted to making the engine look pretty and invest time into better serverside performance/reliable tickrates then we wouldn’t be discussing max users. A game engine should not have a limiting factor of 32 or 64 people when the HL1 engine ran 32 end users on dialup; as far as I remember, without hitreg and rubber banding problems (until mum picked up the bloody phone…. )

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