Battlefield 4 Naval Strike maps explained in new blog post and trailer

Battlefield 4 naval strike

By on March 21, 2014 at 8:37 am

As the name implies, there’s a lot of sea-bound action in Naval Strike, the upcoming add-on for Battlefield 4. It’s not the yarrrr-let’s-get-drunk-on-rum kind of sea action and you’re unlikely to enjoy it as much as the original Monkey Island, but anybody who regularly plays Battlefield 4 and still has hair left after all the netcode patches will no doubt appreciate the content.

Besides, who doesn’t like new maps? There’s four of them in Naval Strike and a new post on DICE’s Battlefield blog has described the basic layout behind each one. Lost Islands features a downed airplaned in the centre of the map, which is giving me flashbacks of the rather excellent Afghan map from Modern Warfare 2. Operation Mortar has a series of huts surrounding a small archipelago, with an old fort overlooking the entire battlefield, making it a haven for pacifists and snipers alike.

Wave Breaker, which will “give players intense fights in Deathmatch modes” according to the blog, focuses on a submarine base that “allows for tight close quarter combat”. I wonder if that’s the kind of tight combat that makes Deathmatch on, say, Operation Locker equal parts fun to frustrating. Sadly, the map’s apparently given the author free licence to bust out the word “Levolution”, an abomination no gamer should be forced to endure this early on a Friday morning. At least not without vodka or a quality whisky.

Last off the rank is Nansha Strike, oddly described as a “very boat heavy map”. You’d think most of the maps in Naval Strike were boat heavy. It’s not really naval warfare without a lot of boats. Still, I’ll be fair and let the developers explain. “The central area provides a lot of cover for infantry and is a death trap for water vehicles if they try to enter it via the small rivers. The surrounding bases can be captured from the water, with some offering big bases in the middle of the sea for infantry.” It actually sounds like a fairly good map for 32 vs 32 battles, so I shouldn’t be so harsh. But then, I’ve only had a few hours sleep, so I’m allowed to be cranky. Right?

There’s a new trailer for the expansion too, which you can enjoy below. Premium members will get access to Naval Strike on March 25. Vanilla grunts get to play with the new boats from April 8.

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Given the quality of the China Rising maps, i’m not looking forward to these new ones at all. This was my most anticipated pack (as i loved Paracel Storm and was always a bit of a water fanboy) – but BF4 (to me) has just been disappointment after disappointment.


Marcus Dunn,

Speak for yourself. I love the China Rising maps. Love the Second Assault maps even more.


Yup been happy with the DLC so far myself too!
I noticed that missing plane has finally been found. You can see it 48seconds in! ;D


$19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99….. HOW MUCH MONEY DO I HAVE TO SPEND IN ORDER TO FIND SERVERS WITH PEOPLE ON THEM!


$19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99….. HOW MUCH MONEY DO I HAVE TO SPEND IN ORDER TO FIND SERVERS WITH PEOPLE ON THEM!

As GON has mutliple vanilla servers that are full almost every night, just the base game?


As with previous Battlefield games (I’ve played them all, since Battlefield began) I have noticed a slide in player base towards the new maps once the DLC is released. That we’ve got another 2 DLCs pending, I’m going to say that most people will play the new maps only servers and no one will play the original maps. Just calling it how I see it, how I’ve seen it happen with all the previous Battlefield games…


I have to add, I only play HC.


I can’t speak for hardcore, but for normal mode GON and other providers have servers that are only vanilla maps that are still very popular, even with 2 DLC packs released so far.

However, if you’re still going to be playing BF4 for that time period, buy the Season Pass for $50 and enjoy the new content. I’ve no regrets for the $100 I spent on game + season pass, 235+ hours so far.


Never had an issue finding populated servers myself. I do agree that players tend to swing towards the newer maps but I still see many vanilla maps with good player counts whenever I jump on.
Makena is totally correct in getting Premium. I too haven’t regretted paying for premium to have access to all the DLC as they come out. Looking forward to next Tuesday night! :D

EDIT: ahh rfmachin, you play HC…that may explain your lack of servers. Most players aren’t manly enough for that.


Naval Strike maps reminds me of the BF1943 maps. Watched a few preview vids and unfortunately the new Carrier Assault mode doesn’t live up to Titan mode.


$19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99 + $19.99….. HOW MUCH MONEY DO I HAVE TO SPEND IN ORDER TO FIND SERVERS WITH PEOPLE ON THEM!

Don’t know why you’d spend that kind of money. Just buy Premium for $50. I paid $50 for base and $50 for DLC and it’s definitely worth it!!



Same here man, hardcore only and I can usually only find one vanilla server that’s populated if I’m lucky.

It would be nice if they allowed vanilla players into the DLC servers while they are running vanilla maps. Instead, in typical ea fashion, they put an add in your face for premium and don’t allow you to join the server. Seem to recall other, better games that would just kick you from the server if it rotated to a map that you don’t have.

As I couldn’t get a refund on this POS, I might have to try some soft cock servers to get some value out of it.


Marcus Dunn,

Speak for yourself. I love the China Rising maps. Love the Second Assault maps even more.

I was speaking for myself – see the (to me) added in there? …


Yay More maps / money for them, but are the bugs fixed yet?… nope.



Most bugs seem fixed. Aside from the sketchy netcode issues. I don’t crash anymore, I get a good framerate, pretty happy with the performance overall.


A lot of the earlier issues have been dealt with. There are moments where you could put the blame on netcode. Especially when you trade kill with someone else, but its still a extremely enjoyable game. And Dice is still balancing a lot of things, like the brand new machine gun being nerfed a bit :(


Looking forward to this.

I play HC and there are at least 2-3 close to full servers I see every night that have rotation of original and new maps. I like the new maps and there are some originals that I don’t mind playing also.

each to their own

and yes…premium all the way.

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