X Rebirth releases big ol’ patch, outlines future plans

X Rebirth

By on February 27, 2014 at 3:03 pm

X Rebirth was quite frankly terrible when it was released, and a string of patches since then from Egosoft have been slowly bringing the game around towards something resembling stability and play-ability.

A new patch (1.25) has been released overnight, which contains so many fixes that they needed to put together a trailer to explain it all:

In a forum post, the developers also outline some of their new plans, none of which are guaranteed and which may or may not come in any order. Those include:

  • Support for Steam Workshop integration: We will soon start releasing a number of tools on Steam to help modders work on X Rebirth. We are also working on full support for the Steam Workshop in order to make it possible for everybody to easily install mods by merely subscribing to them, and by making it easy for mod developers to distribute their work through Steam.
  • Map on event monitor: This was already mentioned before. The first step will be to enable the map rendering on the event monitor whenever it currently shows no signal. We will then introduce some configuration options so the player can decide whether to view the map zone map on the monitor or the current text information.
  • Improved support for joysticks and other input devices: We are working on improving the input mapping menu and the general support for input devices. There have been numerous individual requests in this area, and we are trying to keep this as flexible as possible so X Rebirth can be configured to make best use of all kinds of input devices.
  • Improvements to menus: Improving our menu system is a big task, but some features that we’ve heard requested often could materialize within the next one or two months. A good example of this is a more powerful text based filtering system for menus akin to the trade menu. After we have added text input menus for renaming your ship, the next step will be to enable this functionality in live menus allowing the player to filter quickly with their keyboard.
  • 64bit EXE: Right now X Rebirth only runs on 64bit Windows because of the amount of memory required, but it is still a 32bit executable. We are experimenting with a new 64bit executable that could potentially improve several issues. Rolling out the 64bit EXE will probably happen as a beta in parallel to the 32bit EXE. Depending on the feedback, we will then gradually move away from a 32bit EXE.
  • Providing interaction functionality with NPCs from space to minimize forced landing: I know many people do not like being forced to land on stations for frequently repeated tasks. The first step to address this will be to have a list of all NPCs on a station available from the station info menu, and to then make some activities possible remotely. You will still probably need to be in the vicinity of the station – so that drones can take over the transport of acquired goods for example – but you only have to land to play missions and to pick up or deliver people.
  • Highway redesign: We’ve heard a lot of criticism on the way the highways behaves, so we are experimenting with radically different gameplay inside the highways. It’s still too early to provide details, but as soon as we have a prototype, we will probably make this available as a beta. How soon this will then be rolled out for public release will then depend on feedback we receive.

Source: Thanks, Blue’s News

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I think I just spotted a tumbleweed.


I’m still amazed they didn’t just stick this in the early access section of steam and try to get a free pass on all the issues.


well it’s X

anyone who had played X series games for a while especially starting from X3 would be familiar with the litany of trouble, bug, general inefficiency in game engine etc…


I purchased the game when it just came out. As I’m new to the entire series I did find the universe vast, overwhelming and ready to explore. In addition I really wanted to upgrade my ship and make lots of money. Sadly all the bugs, repetition, awful storyline, confusion etc made me lose interest in a week or so.

So many little patches + major might make it worth while to try again though.


Thing is though, we have X3 Albion Prelude which is better supported, is on more platforms, has a boat tonne of mods to enhance the game overall, runs like a dream on modern systems and is just in general a much better game and is dirt cheap.

Egosoft really fucked up. Even with the teething problems that X3 had it was still in better shape than this game is at launch. X3s biggest mistake was its DRM, once they got rid of that the game improved immensely. With Rebirth, there was no DRM so its not as if the games being held back or anything. Its just poor design and poor development because of how terribly buggy the game is overall. The fact that the second I played the game I was able to fall through the floor on the first space station should tell you that no one tested this game at all.

Its a real shame because I wanted to like this one. X3 is amazing, it’ll continue to be modded even beyond XRebirths life which makes it a far far superior game. Really they should’ve just kept developing X3, new engines be damned.


Believe me the new engine was needed, however they went about it totally the wrong way and have suffered massively because of it.

X3 AP still the way to go ;)



What do you mean when you say they went about it the wrong way?


Support for Steam Workshop integration: We will soon start releasing a number of tools on Steam to help modders work on X Rebirth. We are also working on full support for the Steam Workshop in order to make it possible for everybody to easily install mods by merely subscribing to them, and by making it easy for mod developers to distribute their work through Steam.

You mean so modders can FIX your game.


Game was a joke, editorial comment telling us the “exciting new news” is likewise a joke.

Tim Colwill by-line – not a joke – but still laughable.



We put up with nasty bugs for an epic game once.

Now it’s a shoddy game, with shoddy design and with nasty bugs.


When you get home from hospital and you realise that you’ve been given the Afterbirth instead of the baby, AND been charged full medical fees AND they don’t know where they put the baby… can you patch that?

I don’t think you can. There just aren’t enough patches in the world.

I think the developers should all change their names and move country and start working on something completely different. I’m happy to put this whole mess behind me so they can get on with their lives. And maybe learn to stop shitting the bed when the world is watching.

James Pinnell

This game should win an award for the worst map in gaming history.


I am so disappointed :(
So it’s still a do not buy?

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