Wolfenstein: The New Order to release in May, will include DOOM beta access


By on February 20, 2014 at 9:13 am

Bethesda have announced that Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Machine Games-developed reboot, will release in Australia on May 23.

If you pre-order the game, your copy will come bundled with an access code to the beta of the upcoming id Software DOOM reboot as well — although the exact dates of that beta and any real details about it at all are yet to be announced.

A new trailer has been released to celebrate the occasion, which you can see below. Enjoy!

Source: Bethblog

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Awesome to see the Bethesda influence in the game, looks like it could have a very strong narrative!


I like that trailer a lot. It does give it a very movie feel.

I love Nazi’s too. you can just slice them and dice them any which way you feel and you never feel bad because they’re an absolute baddie.

I hope there is some serious scenery chewing in the cut-scenes because it looks like it would go down a treat.


I’m looking forward to this game far more than I probably should lol


Awesome trailer! Game actually looks great.


Looks the Goods!

RTCW = Great Game!

“Wolfenstein”… not so much. Did play, did finish, but felt no reply value afterwards.

New Order = So we may finally have a conclusion to ‘Deathshead’ in this game. I’m keen on this even more now… and DOOM? Well… if WNE is looking this impressive, imagine what DOOM will be like, especially since it’s been so under wraps for so long.


Really enjoyed playing Wolfenstein (2009), So I’m quite thrilled to play this sequel and of course Doom 4 beta!


bahhh, I can’t see the pre order on steam.

I hope they don’t phuck up Doom, Say no to back story, say no to cut scenes, say no to reloading guns, yes to a marine that runs at 100kph, yes to 25 monsters on the screen at once, yes to stupidly overpowered guns muhahaha we don’t care for reality in our Doom universe! Oh and hire Romero to do your level design.


Wait wait wait wait…. DOOM REBOOT?

Where the shit was I when THAT was announced?



About 4 years ago … id time


I didn’t think Doom 4 was supposed to be a reboot as such, that would imply they’re re-retelling the whole demon invasion on Mars/Phobos/Deimos story arch thing. I thought it was a more “Hell on Earth” thing, I remember seeing lots of concept art and stuff from ages ago.


Curses! More games to get me Interested…very interested…


Wait wait wait wait…. DOOM REBOOT?

Where the shit was I when THAT was announced?

yeah they apparently had to restart, i heard they werent happy with the direction it was going. Hopefully its a hell on earth thing lol was looking forward to that!



god no. the last thing i want is doom 1/2 all over again. played the shit outta em back in 92, never again


trailer very hard


Game looks good.

Sceptical about Doom, too much futt buckering around. Suspicion it will have too many cooks syndrome.


Who’s the voice actor for Blazkowicz now ?

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