Where is our Thief review? Here’s some quick thoughts


By on February 25, 2014 at 12:30 am

The embargo on Thief reviews has just dropped, and while I’ll be safely asleep in bed, something tells me things aren’t going to look too good for Eidos Montreal’s next attempt at a franchise revolution.

We’ve had the code since late last week, and are past the halfway point of the game, but nowhere near finished enough to provide you with a formal review. Thief is massive, and the City hub really is an enormous place to explore and loot. It’s an impressive achievement.

Not so impressive, unfortunately, is the list of bugs. While we haven’t yet found a show-stopper, the game crashes when you quickload too often, guards get stuck spinning around on the spot, and there are a number of impressive graphical glitches that screw with the window size and make the game unplayable unless you quit and restart.

We’ve contacted Eidos about the game through Namco Bandai, in the hope that these are just issues with an early build we have and not issues that ship with retail code — which would represent an unacceptable level of problems.

What I can tell you now from sinking a dozen hours into the game is that, while it’s very pretty (with everything pushed up to maximum) and full of things to explore, the game so far is clunky and buggy and has some frustrating issues with its controls. Stay tuned for a full video review shortly.

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Reading this and watching the IGN review just turned me off and saved ,me coin.

Stealth games in my opinion must keep immersion to be enjoyable. Anything from graphical glitches, coding or bugs is game breaking when trying to patiently take your time through a game. Hearing in reviews about the terrible map, terrible plot and so forth… is very upsetting.


oh well i got it for free buying a new amd 280x. So if its meh at least i don’t loose out :)


Sounds like a dodgy PC port. Didn’t see these problems mentioned in the next-gen platform reviews that I’ve read.

Looks pretty awful regardless, I hate seeing my fond memories of the original game ruined by this cynical grab for idiots’ money.


By the sounds of the reviews I’ve read (Polygon and RPS), sounds like there’s a some enjoyment to be had, could be worth grabbing when it’s had a couple of patches and you’re looking for something to play (Though with so many games to play already, I can wait for a sale)

Read a pretty mad review, but It feels like that reviewer hates anything that’s not the old Thief and outright hates this because it’s not Thief HD, so I’ll take his with a grain of salt lol

Looking forwad to the GON review though


Judging by the IGN review the game is pretty ordinary even without the bugs.
Oh well, I guess I’ll be going back to Skyrim for my open world kleptomania simulation.


As someone who has been quite vocal and negative about this one since forever, it looked all right from Total Biscuit’s first impressions. I did cringe whenever I saw the ‘Press Space to Jump’ context sensitive action appear though.
By his own admission however he’s not a core Thief fan, and what looked ‘all right’ to me was just the gameplay itself. Saw no actual story scenes which has always been my biggest gripe with this retcon.

As for the PC port, looked pretty damn impressive from what I saw and what he was saying, Option menu looks proper with Graphics options, 120 Fps, an actual FOV slider, Quick saves/Load etc.


Well I was considering unlocking it early via VPN, but I might just wait til the 27th and hope they’ve patched some of the reported bugs by then.


Annnd now it gets to wait for steam sales.


Yeah there is quite a few mixed reviews online atm. I was considering buying it tomorrow but now I’ll wait for patches and winter steam sale.


How did you enjoy the boss fights? =\

After all they went through with DXHR why they hell would they throw in boss fights?? Most reviews say the story is as weak as piss and the control, well, sucks for the most part with glaring problems with the one button interface and restriction of movement (ie no jump and rope arrows used exclusively as puzzle solving tools).

I’m hoping the boss fights are encounters that can be solved without violence and that they patch up the control scheme/options.

I’ve got almost a week off so I’m going to play the poo out of this game anyway :P Worried that it will tarnish the Thief name though.


Unlocked the game via VPN and played a few hours last night and this morning. I’m very impressed with the graphics and have found no bugs to speak of so far. The context sensitive jumping stuff is kind of annoying, but not a deal breaker.


Edit : nvm

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