Total War: Rome 2 gets bigger and better elephants, Epirus upgrades

Total War: Rome 2

By on February 11, 2014 at 1:30 pm

Creative Assembly have released a few more pieces of new content for Total War: Rome 2, and leading the charge is a “beautifully-designed African elephant model”, which replaces the generic elephant model currently in the game.

The Epirus faction also have some new extras, such as the ability to recruit Thessalian Cavalry, Royal Peltasts and Illyrian Coastal Levies. Epirus also gets a new Mercenary Indian War Elephant unit that they can hire.

According to Creative Assembly you’ll be able to see these new changes if you face Epirus in battle, or use them yourself if you own the Greek States Culture Pack DLC.

Source: Total War Forum (thanks Matthew)

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Wow they finally added North African Elephants? Maybe it’s time to give R2 another go? Haven’t played it since just after they released the Seleucid DLC.


It’s in a pretty good state these days – up to patch 9. Sieging is still broken though, unbelievably. It’s better, definitely an improvement, but they just cant seem to make it work. Really makes you wonder how it could make it to release with such a big thing like sieging not working – I mean, they make all these siege engines, these awesome siege maps…how could nobody pick up on the fact the ai doesn’t use them? Because defending against a siege is half of sieging afterall.


It’s way better than before. Only real problem now is te AI can’t manage attacking walled settlements. They hardly ever reuse their seige equipment.

As ally reinforcements when you atack attack a walled settlements they will use your siege equipment. Which is kinda weird considering they don’t reuse their own.


Marcus Dunn: Really makes you wonder how it could make it to release with such a big thing like sieging not working

Its because CA only ever tests this stuff when they can do it against another player, they don’t actually test AI. This is why you get stupid pathing bugs, because its only ever been checked for the player. They only care that the player can do it.


I have just started a new campaign after having put the game to the side for a couple of months and would have to agree that the game is in a much better state than it was on release day. I would go as far as saying that 95% of my complaints have been patched to a level where they are either completely gone or no longer bother me.


Yeah it’s very playable now. The problem with sieges not working properly (ie the ai not sieging you properly) is that it can nullify late game challenge. When your walled cities are basically invulnerable most of the time (unless they have a huge army and you only have your garrison), it affects the entire balance.


I’m definitely keeping an eye on the updates to R2. It’s on my radar but I’ve bought enough TW games to know to wait.


Are they still running with that limited number of armies thing? That drove me nuts.


Are they still running with that limited number of armies thing? That drove me nuts.

Actually many people like that feature now. They have gotten used to it. It makes the game more challenging and you have to think about army placement.

There are mods that increase the number of armies some massively as there isn’t a happy a way of removing it. So they just increased the amount you get if you want. But many people do like that limited army feature. Most people don’t even run out of armies.



You are literally the first person I have ever heard even come close to saying that they liked that feature. I get what they have tried to do with it but it just doesn’t work. If you have an large army garrisoned in a city you will never lose it, if you have a city without a garrison you will never keep it against a decent attacking force (unless the AI plays the retard card and totally stuffs up), and raising an army with a couple of units to pump up a garrison isn’t feasible due to the restriction.

I think it is a step backward, I think the old style of a number of free upkeep militia units plus then whatever professional units you wanted to pay for worked better. You could better allocate military resources for defense, now due to limited numbers of armies, defending a settlement becomes an all or nothing affair.


Meh, forums say otherwise. You don’t garrison the city you place a defending army to block off any possible invasion as usually there aren’t many ways to places unless you are playing in the Middle East. Even then they have to go off the roads making them slower and it causes them attrition. I find myself using the defending stance (forts) a lot. The enemy is either forced to go through you or around you. And with a fort you get traps, towers and defensive bonuses as well as a larger reinforcement radius. Though the fort design itself is kinda weird.

And like I said. Mods are everywhere.

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