South Park: The Stick of Truth now available for pre-purchase on Steam

South Park and the Stick of Truth

By on February 3, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Yes, we draw ever closer to South Park: The Stick of Truth‘s release date on March 6th, but if you’re keen to play the collaborative efforts of Obsidian Entertainment, Trey Parker and Matt Stone you can now pre-purchase the game from Steam.

Costing $54.95 USD, a pre-purchase will not only get you the game when it unlocks next month, it also includes the “Ultimate Fellowship” pack, which comes with additional costumes for the Necromancer, the Ranger Elf, the Rogue Assassin and the Holy Defender – all featuring boosts for various stats like damage and gold.

Of course, if you are going to pre-purchase the game on Steam, it’s important to note that the Australian version has been heavily censored to keep our fragile Aussie minds from shattering. We don’t yet know if there are any ways around that (gifted copies of Saints Row IV convert to the censored Australian version, and South Park: The Stick of Truth may do likewise) but we will let you know if we learn anything.
Edit:Publishers are allowed to restrict localised content according to Steam’s publishing guidelines, but as PalZer0 helpfully pointed out this was not done for Saints Row IV.

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Gifted copies of Saints Row 4 (and also ROW keys) have been proven to not convert to the AU version. I don’t know why Mr Gilroy is still running with that (false) rumour.

Also, interestingly, Australia is getting this game $5 cheaper than the US on Steam.


Can’t comment on gifted copies, but yeah; non-aussie Saints Row 4 keys worked just fine here uncut. Dat Amazon $20 sale :D

As for South Park, price does seem a bit odd, though factor the current strength of our dollar compared to the greenback and it’s the same if not a bit higher anyway at ~62A$.
Meh, will wait for a future sale, obviously not going to buy a censored version of anything, and Amazon has a knack for getting Uplay games as steam keys eventually anyway.



Mr Gilroy was still running with it because he was not aware it was false. It’s been fixed now, thanks again.


Why would anyone want to play a South Park game censored?


Why would anyone want to play a South Park game censored?

more so , why would you want to play south park at all?


ball0fire: more so , why would you want to play south park at all?

Why wouldn’t people want to play it?


cos the general rule is, any game based off movie / tv shows are crap

sure there are the odd exception but a high percentage of the time its true


cos the general rule is,any game based off movie / tv shows arecrap

sure there are the odd exception buta high percentage of the time its true

That’s very subjective, the biggest draw card about tv/movie based games is that they are based on said tv/movie. They aren’t generally games designed to please gamers they are games to please fans of the franchise, what you seek from the game is something very different from what fans seek from the game.

So to answer your original question, people will want to play southpark because they are fans of southpark.

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