Seventeen minutes of uninterrupted Thief PC gameplay released by Eidos


By on February 17, 2014 at 11:08 am

It’s not too long now until we get our hands on Thief, Eidos Montreal’s reboot of the classic title, and to keep the marketing machine rolling they’ve just released a long, uncut video of the ‘Lockdown’ mission being played from start to finish on PC.

Although recorded on a PC, the player has chosen to use a controller. He explains why, and which UI elements he’s chosen to keep and which to switch off, in this post here.

The PC this was recorded on is as follows:

  • CPU: AMD FX 8350
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7970
  • Hard Drive: 125GB SSD
  • OS: Windows 7

We’ve been hands-on with Thief and played the first four hours. See our thoughts here in our preview video.

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Seems unpolished. IE, there’s no lightning or thunder sound effects yet plenty of flashing. Just feels disjointed.

How far away from release is it meant to be?


Also the guard in the room with the Jeweled mask comments upon one of the display cases, then goes back and looks in it again after the stuff is stolen and doesn’t notice.

AI seems a little lacking that way – same as usual.

Every time one of these games comes out I have these hopes that AI will be improved substantially, idk why I set myself up like that ;)


Seems unpolished. IE, there’s no lightning or thunder sound effects yet plenty of flashing. Just feels disjointed.

How far away from release is it meant to be?

It’s gone gold, and launches next week on February 27.


something bugged on the site or my brain, because these comments were showing for a different article :/

so EDIT: oops



It’d be nice if there was thunder which you could use to cover up any noise you intend on making… kinda like in Sniper Elite V2 (the only game that comes to mind right now) where you can use explosions to cover the sound of your shots.


looks like a dumbed down linear dishonored


I dont know how you got linear from that supr, the ghost/oportunist/? play style thing at the the end along with the different paths mentioned in the post sounds the opposite to me.

The thunder needs to be there, but everything else looks good. It would take me 40 minutes to do that same area, I have to explore everything.

I just hope I can turn off all interface elements, which I think I can.


Some thoughts:

Replace “friggin’” with “taffin” and It would be better imho and much more “Thief”.

The game does have thunder noises, whatever Eidos were using to record didn’t pick it up and they didn’t want to keep recording trying to capture it so they released what they already captured.

The music is very, meh, nowhere near as good as the old Brosius stuff (which I still enjoy today when I replay the Thief series, especially the ambience). Dubstep (quasi at least)! Wooot! not :( reminds me of the horrible Thief Gold thieves guild mission. Oh Garrett you so bad ass here is some bad ass music to rock it with! Granted some original Thief inter-scenes had dodgy music too.

Garrett doesn’t sound anywhere as good as he used to, I’m sorry he just doesn’t carry that Garrett vibe anymore – script or acting wise it seems (hopefully is better overall during the game).

The blog notes are annoying, they couldn’t program some papyrus or such scroll work? Is it processed in his re-jigged terminator eye? It’s a jarring contrast to the “medieval style” they are trying to pull off.

The zooming at point of significance is annoying/gamey hopefully such cues can be turned off. No need to search for loot/location it’s right over ZOOOOOOMM here! at the big red X follow the glowy line!!

Criticisms aside, the stealth looks good and it seems quite atmospheric. It’s the first mission apparently so I imagine it has to be rather straight forward to ease people into it.

Edit: the movement looks quite good and the swoop ability looks nice and handy. That mission/level seems rather short, then again I’ll spend a long time searching out everything in the levels so I imagine there will be plenty to keep me occupied.

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