Oculus Rift fighting a trademark battle against a video streaming company named Oculu

Oculus Rift

By on February 13, 2014 at 5:25 pm

It’s time to officially break out the Eye Rolls™, as Oculus Rift prepare to do battle with a company named Oculu, who say that the VR headset infringes on their company’s trademark. Oculu, by the way, serve online videos through streaming. And help to monetise those videos with pre-roll advertising content.

Oculu are claiming that Oculus Rift intend to begin “streaming audio and video by means of the Internet” in the future, and that “Unfortunately, [Oculus co-founder Palmer] Luckey, decided that he would simply add an ‘s’ to Oculu’s registered trademark and call his product and online video distribution network, Oculus. It could have adopted any number of trademarks.”

The case will pretty much be tossed out in short order I imagine, but still — there you go. Oculus have not commented at this time, but it’s safe to imagine more than a few exasperated swear words have been shouted within the Oculus Rift offices.

Source: Ars Technica

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I am a product of my parents… can I trademark my name? Then sue people that have the same name or variations?


For a start, OCULU, will need to prove their mark is famous within the terms of the law. Hands up those people that have heard of them, before they started court action? This company is all about viral video marketing strategy.

BTW OCULUS is Latin for eye. Probably why they used that particular name.


sigh, the whole trademarking words etc system is completely fucking broken. Shame there seems to be almost no penalty at all for patent trolling. Just a publicity stunt in my opinion, they know that noone is going to confuse them with the oculus rift. I never knew the company existed until this article.


Never heard of them, why have they waited this long before actually popping up? The Oculus rift has been around long enough that hey would have heard of it by now. It sounds more like they’re just trying to ‘extort’ money rather than having a serious complaint.



strategic cock blockery


Obligatory CAD comic:


Well hopefully the judge or whomever presides over these rulings (if it gets that far) will instantly make the connection between Oculus and eye (and why wouldn’t they latin terms are a staple of law) and throw the book at these Oculu vultures.


Good luck trademarking the Latin word for a body part.


Never heard of them, why have they waited this long before actually popping up?The Oculus rift has been around long enough that hey would have heard of it by now.It sounds more like they’re just trying to ‘extort’ money rather than having a serious complaint.

Maybe this prompted them (they saw the dollars signs): http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/12/14/oculus-thrift-no-more-vr-company-gets-75m-in-funding/



Wasn’t it our editor in chimp that went on a rant about how CAD is sexist and horrible because one of its characters is shallow ?

On topic, another day another idiotic trademark case. The system is broken.

James Pinnell

That comic perfectly demonstrates how unfunny CAD actually is. The punchline is *terrible*.

You trademarked trademark? Yeah, OK. That joke was probably new in 1963.


James Pinnell,

I like CAD. I know 2 people on the internet with different opinions on something the world is going to end.


James Pinnell,

The bit about fighting stupidity with stupidity was funny though. Also, he’s saying what we’re all (hopefully) thinking. I tend to generally like CAD myself. I tend to despise trademark stupidity though, and hope this Oculu lot get smacked down, though having some knowledge of U.S legal shenanigans, who knows?


Oculu – meaningless silly name?



Sexist? Really? That would have been an amusing rant to read. It’s been bad and unfunny since early 2008 but I wouldn’t have called it sexist.


Well, Sky News is forcing Microsoft to change the name of SkyDrive because they apparently have a trademark on the word ‘Sky’ or something, so I guess you can pretty much sue anyone over anything.

Assuming Oculu are doing this because a) Oculus appears to have money, and b) because why not.



IIRC, this dispute was actually filed by Sky in the UK because they have a competing service with the same name (which is understandable as Sky is an ISP in the UK and it would be feasible for them to have a cloud storage service to go along with that).

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