Kickstarter website hacked, change your password

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By on February 17, 2014 at 10:41 am

Over the weekend news came to light that Kickstarter, the website which powers a thousand nostalgic gaming dreams, recently suffered a security breach.

While Kickstarter assure us that no credit card information was stolen, they say they cannot rule out the possibility of simple or easy-to-guess passwords being decrypted and thus encourage everyone who has a Kickstarter account to change their password immediately.

“To change your password, log in to your account at and look for the banner at the top of the page to create a new, secure password,” says Kickstarter’s email. “We recommend you do the same on other sites where you use this password.”

Every Kickstarter member should have got an email about this by now, but it can’t hurt to spread the word if you know someone who backs a lot of projects.

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Note that if you sign into Kickstarter via Facebook (as I do), you don’t need to do anything on your end. They just reset your Facebook auth token.


For firefox users, if you have adblock edge or similar installed, make sure kickstarter site is exempt otherwise the change password option does nothing.

Had me scratching my head for a bit.


Note that if you sign into Kickstarter via Facebook (as I do), you don’t need to do anything on your end. They just reset your Facebook auth token.

Interesting. Thanks for that, Pal. I don’t use FB to authenticate, due to possibly unfounded security concerns with that set up. Your post addresses one of them. I’m interested to know though – if someone got a hold of your Facebook account credentials – is there any protection against them getting access to every other site you’ve connected to it? That’s been my concern all along…Bad guy gets access to your account – admittedly difficult with 2 factor auth, but not impossible, then logs in to your FB settings to see what sites you have connected and then gets access to those as well. Or is that not how it works?


BTW – to anyone who is also using the same email and password combination on Kickstarter and other sites – I’d be changing each and every other password too. :-/



If someone managed to swipe your FB account, they can use that account to log in as you on any site that allows FB logins.

To be fair, you’d have the same issue with Twitter, Steam, Google or any other sinilar login path.

EDIT: On the subject of two factor authentication, I wish that Twitter would hurry up and deploy their two factor authentication solution to the Windows Phone app.



Why people do not use a password manager is beyond me. My old password was 6UmW@WAFqNX!*UMc!rNh.

It is the fact that my email is on another spam list which annoys me…


Damn I guess 12345 isn’t going to cut it any more, yet it’s worked on my luggage for so long!

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