Valve’s in-house streaming now compatible with non-Steam games


By on January 24, 2014 at 8:14 am

And the Steam juggernaut gets bigger and bigger. Identifying that many people like to add games to their Steam account just so they can have access to their friend’s list while they play, oh, Slipstream 5000 or something, Valve have done the whole “nice corporate guy” thing by expanding their streaming support to include non-Steam games as well. The note was included as one of several fixes in the latest Steam client beta update, which also adds remote gamepad support for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, SEGA Bass Fishing (seriously?), and Skullgirls.

The full patch notes are below:


  • Show “invalid file system” if game tries to install files larger than 4GB on FAT32
  • Make “View Community Hub” item in a game’s context menu go to the game hub if available.
  • Ukrainian language support added to the Steam Client
  • Fixed applying wrong region restrictions in some cases
  • Fixed installing from old retail install discs

Big Picture

  • Fixed “NoBigPicture” dialogs not showing correctly localized strings
  • Ensured that “start in Big Picture” setting is automatically cleared if Big Picture fails to launch and one of the “No Big Picture” dialogs is shown so that the next launch will succeed to desktop UI
  • Fixed some cases where multi-monitor setups would not fully restore original monitor layout after closing Big Picture when a non primary monitor is chosen for Big Picture use
  • Changed X360 controller guide button to never trigger desktop UI to Big Picture UI transition if used while a game is in focus

In-Home Streaming:

  • Automatically update Windows firewall rules to allow streaming
  • Fixed launching the streaming client on Windows XP
  • Added support for streaming non-Steam games in the Steam library 
  • Steam Controller configurations edited via the streaming overlay apply promptly
  • Added remote gamepad support for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Skullgirls, and SEGA Bass Fishing
  • Fixed “Authentication problem” error for Steamworks developers
  • Added support for Guide+Y and Guide+X chord actions on the Steam Controller

VR mode

  • HMDs cloned with main display are now supported
  • Fixed some cases where the window on the HMD would close unexpectedly
  • Fixed stretching issues due to odd aspect ratios

It’s nice to know that someone is still supporting Windows XP too. Out of that list, the stretching issues for VR devices might be one of the most important changes, although I don’t own an Oculus Rift dev-kit of my own, or any other piece of VR tech, so I’ll never know. But it’s nice to dream.

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I gave in home streaming a go last night, still needs some work, but mostly working ok. Had issues with Civ V and not being able to click into the main menu, once I was there though it was pretty good.


Mmm. I tried a few games last night and none worked very well.

Source PC: 3.8ghz dual core, 8gb ram, GTX 590 (frankenPC). Destination: i5 laptop, HD3000, 4gb ram. Router: Billion 7800N, ~5m away, through standard brick wall.

Tried the following:
*Assassin’s Creed – Menus worked smooth as silk, no real issues with videos… then the game started up and it was ~3FPS and 95% packet loss.
*Spec Ops: The Line – Put down to lowest settings and was getting around 10FPS in the menus alone with 40% packet loss.
*Papers, Please – Thought I’d try something less complex, still only got ~15FPS with lots of stutter, 40% packet loss, crashed after 2 minutes.

Going to try wired laptop next to see if that’s the issue (if it is I’m boned, no way I can run wires through apartment without the wife killing me) otherwise I got something funky going on :-/



Going to try wired laptop next to see if that’s the issue (if it is I’m boned, no way I can run wires through apartment without the wife killing me)

Dude, its your house


I was pretty damn impressed with it. Most games I tried worked pretty well and I was testing it out on a 802.11G connection on my laptop. a wired 1GB connection would work like a charm. But that’s the same with any HD video streaming. The issue isn’t limited to Steam.


neodewolf: Dude, its your house


It’s an apartment, not a house. And I don’t own it, we just rent.

And clearly you’re not married.



Splashtop can manage 30FPS over wireless from a PC to a tablet (the former of which can be doing other stuff at the same time and doesn’t require a dedicated OS), so yeah the issue is pretty limited to steam. Granted splashtop has latency to it but unless you’re going to be playing CSS or Quake 3 it’s fine.


Going to try wired laptop next to see if that’s the issue (if it is I’m boned, no way I can run wires through apartment without the wife killing me) otherwise I got something funky going on :-/

Should have a look at some ethernet powerline adapters (I just ordered some yesterday actually, Netcomm NP507). I’m using them in my new house until I can be bothered getting under the house to run some cat6 cable. I used them in my last place and they worked a treat.

Back on topic, got an invite for this the other day, real keen to test it. Hopefully I’ll have my desktop back on the network tonight. I might pinch a 5ghz wifi card from work to put in my old laptop too :P


Curious about this point “Fixed applying wrong region restrictions in some cases”.. wrong in the sense that it was bad for customers.. or wrong in the sense that some people were getting cheaper other region prices and now they aren’t? ;-)

Also powerline adapters are great in rented apartment situations – i got some cheapie TP Link ones from kogan a while back – work great..


I wonder what “non-steam developers” think about this.


I wonder what “non-steam developers” think about this.

****ing bricks I hope, this is only good for the market.


So how do you use this? You need to be invited into the beta? I’m in the steam group but still haven’t recieved a beta -.-


Yeah i tried it out last night and id say it still needs some work in the encoding end of things i think.

Source PC: i7 3770k @ stock, 2x 660ti in SLI.
Client PC: Core Duo @ 3ghz (stock speed), $20 graphics card.
Connection: Wired gigabit Ethernet.

Skyrim heavily modded runs on source PC @ 90fps
Streaming: 20-30fps @ 1080p and feels jittery when moving, this used only 30% of network bandwidth, only 20% cpu load client side, had the ‘slow game’ message coming up that indicates the problem is at the source PC side.

Bioshock infinite runs on source PC @ 60fps (vsync on)
Streaming 30-60fps @ 1080p similar usage of bandwidth and client CPU. Didn’t get the slow game message but still feels very jumpy on movment, FPS shoot up when your standing still.

My feeling at the moment is that valve have done an awesome job making the set up so easy, opt in for beta log in to steam on both machines and your there. The deal breaker for me is the FPS and the responsiveness, you just feel like your getting a worse version of the game that you could play in the other room. That said; Modded skyrim on a 60″ telly does look impressive.


For people renting look into Ethernet over power adapters. It uses the existing power cables in wall and you can get good speeds with low latency if you spend the money.


This is great, hopefully Uplay and Origin will give up on their stupid wannbie apps soon and I can finally have all my games in one GOOD app. Looks like there is still some way to go but I trust in steam to keep on it and make it work as best they can. Great work steam – always been a fan.


If your part of the Steam group then they will send out invite to the people in the group.

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