Upcoming DayZ patch adds even more inventive ways to open cans


By on January 31, 2014 at 4:24 pm

Only in DayZ could you get excited about new ways to open canned food, but there it is: the current experimental patch for DayZ will, among other things, let you crack open those precious cans of food with both combat knifes and machetes, which themselves have just been added (assuming you’re too poor to have a can opener, AKA “the most valuable item in the game”).

You can also now paint motorcycle helmets, as well as clap and point with new gestures, and — thankfully — the bug where you could continue to saw away at a sawn-off shotgun has been fixed.

Check out the full patch notes below. It’s currently being tested on the experimental branch of the game — learn more about what that means here.


  • Actions: chambering SKS round from pile, loading 10 rounds from pile
  • Actions: You can uncuff other players with the hacksaw
  • Actions: Cannot use an item (e.g. drink/eat) if it is “Ruined”
  • Actions: Interactions with items reworked. Drinking/Eating/etc… more robust and user-friendly
  • Actions: Restrained players cannot use inventory or action menu
  • Animations: Player now can take and hide rifle in crouched run
  • Animations: SKS reload animations
  • Animations: firing weapon when sprinting will transition player into the aimed run(with some temporary limitations)
  • Crafting: FNX45 pistol can be chambered with single round
  • Crafting: Opening cans with combat knife added
  • Crafting: Opening cans with machete added
  • Crafting: Painting Motorbike Helmets to Black and Green
  • Effects: Magnum revolver ejecting shells when reloading
  • Effects: Magnum revolver sounds – gunshots, reloading
  • Effects: Mosin ejecting shells when cycling
  • Effects: New Mosin sounds – gunshots, cycling, reloading
  • Gear: Improvised courier backpack added
  • Gear: Machete added
  • Gear: Hard hats added in various colors
  • Gear: Motorcycle Helmets have black visor variants
  • Gestures: Clapping Gesture added, default F5 key
  • Gestures: Pointing Gesture added, default F6 key
  • Login: Player queuing system introduced. Penalty waiting time added for switching server or disconnecting a server quickly
  • Login: Players receive a login timeout when disconnect, increased if disconnect within 30 minutes of joining (max 5 minutes)
  • Login: When players logout, their avatar sits on ground for 30 seconds. Players must make sure they logout somewhere safe
  • Server: Player spawns now cached by engine directly, increasing performance
  • Spawns: Added Bubble goose jackets into the loot spawns
  • Spawns: Added SKS rifle, speedloader, ammunition piles and boxes and SKS bayonet into the loot spawns
  • Systems: Hunger and Thirst slightly modified.
  • Systems: Notifications added to UI for hydration and high energy
  • Zombies: Different types of Military zombies now have tougher attack values and improved durability
  • Zombies: Engine dynamic obstacle checking (zombie, another player)
  • Zombies: Svetlojarsk zombie spawns added


  • Actions: morphine injection can be used on other player effectively fixing his broken legs and item correctly positioned in hands
  • Actions: Keys won’t disappear after uncuffing
  • Actions: loading ammo works for sprayed Mosin variants
  • Actions: Read/Writing notes with paper and pen now works again
  • Actions: reviving with epinephrine or defibrillator works also if player blood is below 500 units of blood
  • Art: Bug allowing players to clip through geometry of the police station building.
  • Animations: fixed an issue where reload in prone would leave some residue sound clutter at the end of the reload animation
  • Animations: Weapon reloading for magazine was not working properly when no magazine fitted
  • Animations: Rifle Aimed Walk Updated, diagonal animations fixed
  • Animations: sidesteping through doorway with rifle while crouching should not cause the player to get stuck now
  • Animations: knocking down player now possible in prone states, (possibly fixing the issue with frozen characters)
  • Animations: changed animation for equipping the compass
  • Animations: Proper animation played when taking pistol in run
  • Config: Berries have more nutrition now
  • Crafting : You can no longer saw off sawed off shotgun
  • Crafting: Can spraypaint M4 to green or black
  • Crafting: Damage is now transferred when items are painted
  • Crafting: Improved Backpack creation only possible when Courier Bag is empty (previously items accidentally deleted)
  • Crafting: Weapon cleaning kit can’t be used when it’s “Ruined” and won’t reduce condition of a gun
  • Effects: Dazed effect plays again when a player is hit/damaged/shot
  • Effects: Some effects were not active locally when a player was restrained
  • Fixed: Missing texture error dz\weapons\data\weapons_damage_metal_smdi.paa
  • Fixed: Popping up texture error for beret models
  • Gear: Spraycans won’t deplete after relogging
  • Gear: Book, radio, pot, pan, gas canisters, matchbox, paper, firewood and stone can be placed in hands
  • Gear: Headlamp beam raised slightly
  • Gear: Painted items now retain their previous quantities (i.e. Magazine ammo won’t reset)
  • Gear: Various item descriptions and notifications fixed for grammar, typos, more detail
  • Gear: ZSh-3 Pilot helmet fixed and updated
  • Gestures: Taunt defaults correctly to F4 key
  • Graphics: “god rays” could cause overloaded post-processing and graphical corruption
  • Graphics: fix of removing shining object from hand (switch off)
  • Graphics: Roads have per pixel lights
  • Graphics: Dynamic lights should be now defined with “radius” value which is maximum radius of light in meters
  • Login: Respawn button now works correctly
  • Login: Various bugs fixed associated with connection errors that could cause a character to be deleted or killed by the server
  • Loot: Splint position in hand was wrong now corrected
  • Weapons: Mosin recoil increased
  • Weapons: Sawed-off shotgun can be loaded with ammo (was broken due to changed inheritance)
  • Weapons: Sawed-off shotgun: reduced size in inventory, reduced spread
  • Zombies: Better filter/check of attack hits directly in engine
  • Zombies: Military zombies made tougher


  • Engine: Irregular crash of server in corpse garbage collector consequence of this is that the bodies will not disappear if other player is in vicinity
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can someone let me know when the development of the standalone overtakes the mod? At that point i will start playing again


Some good additions there to prevent server hopping and combat logging, but it is going to make looting harder given that nothing fucking respawns, until server reset.

I really, really want to see something to prevent players who have logged out in a room, being able to log back in behind you and shoot you though, it’s bloody frustrating even if it is just a co-incidence. For example camping a spot in a city and being shot from someone who has logged in next to/behind you.


can someone let me know when the development of the standalone overtakes the mod? At that point i will start playing again

I’m with you brother Moose. Thought the game would have been further along by now and dont really want to play things bit by bit and ruin the end experience.


Also I’m surprised they haven’t fixed the bug when you spraypaint your Mosin and it becomes a single shot bolt action only.


can someone let me know when the development of the standalone overtakes the mod? At that point i will start playing again

At this point i’ll consider buying it.

And to all those “it’s a totally new engine, it’s an alpha *insert fan boy excuse here”. I don’t care I have no interest in it untill it’s at-least on par with day z mods that allow me to build things.

Nasty Wet Smear

Added: Single Player?


Also I’m surprised they haven’t fixed the bug when you spraypaint your Mosin and it becomes a single shot bolt action only.

As far as I know this has been fixed.


Animations: firing weapon when sprinting will transition player into the aimed run(with some temporary limitations)

Fuck that, someone let me know when the game has ZOMBIES in it. Who really gives a crap about all these bug fixes/balances without effective zombies? They’re wasting their time… if the engine can’t handle it they need to just fess up already.



They’ll be adding that after they add the Thriller superweapon, which causes all zombies within a 10 mile radius to spontaneously start dancing like Michael Jackson.

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