Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition upgrade won’t be offered to PC gamers

Tomb Raider

By on January 8, 2014 at 2:24 pm

PC owners will miss out on the new bells and whistles being added to the Definitive Editions of last year’s Tomb Raider reboot for next-gen consoles.

While some of the added features such as TressFX were already present in the PC version, other additions such as improved animation and reworked weather systems are not going to make it over to PC.

In an official FAQ, Eidos claim that the Definitive Edition allows you to to “see the sweat, mud, and blood on Lara”.

“Her eyes are much more expressive and her hair realistic. We also improved gear movement in Definitive Edition – her axe will sway and necklace will react to movement as Lara traverses the island. The Endurance crew has been spruced up, too.”

The team have also added “weather and lighting effects, extra vegetation, improved physics, reactive water surfaces, and more. Yamatai is now alive with motion. When Lara stops, the world keeps moving. We didn’t just improve the rain; we reworked it until it felt torrential – like another enemy out to get Lara.”

“Our gameplay is now in full 1080p, we have subsurface scattering on our characters, real-time particle lighting, Tress FX support for Lara’s hair, upgraded reactive water, full world simulation, and more. We’ve also completely rebuilt Lara’s head and face model from the ground up with a denser topology giving improvements on features for eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks, etc. All of her textures are higher resolution as well.”

Unfortunately, however, the FAQ concludes by saying that “at this time a PC update is not planned”.

Source: MCV

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Well that’s a big middle finger to the PC gaming community especially since Tomb Raider was received so well.

EDIT: If this is due to poor sales of the DXHR Director’s Cut upgrade, there’s a few reasons for that (the main one being that it requires people to download the entire game again – not a good option for those who, like most Aussies, are on monthly data caps).



That is all.


So a company putting consoles BEFORE PC? Nah, that never happens does it?


F#@k Sticks.


You know what? Who cares? I doubt they’re going to sell a heap more copies on the strength of this. Most people I know who wanted to play it have played it, I got it as part of that Christmas bundle that Squeenix did, cheap as chips. And I enjoyed it, and I really don’t want to play it again, certainly wouldn’t buy it again for the sake of a few bells and whistles. It was/is already a great game, and was already superior on PC.


Looking into it, it appears to be just the original game with DLC, graphically enhanced to take advantage of the next gen consoles. In other words, nothing really that special anyhow. The PC version of the game already looked better than the current gen (XB360 and PS3) so I don’t see the point. It’ll still play the same. It’s not like the Deus Ex DE that was released last year that actually added gameplay tweaks and so forth as well, so I don’t see any loss.


Oh well.. At least it will be free on PSN+ probs next year.

Ralph Wiggum

A real PC gamer would’ve bought and loved this game already, especially with the multiple discounts received during the Steam sales. So meh to that I say!

P.S. I don’t want graphical enhancements, I want a new game plus mode so I can just enjoy this game from start to finish.


I honestly don’t think the PC version needs any graphical enhancements anyway. It is already a pretty good looking game, and will still be comparable if not better than the PS4/XBOne enhanced versions.

Already played and finished, and I don’t really feel the need to go back, even with a few graphical improvements, most PC gamers probably feel the same way.



That is all.

I thought that at first but if its just a “complete” edition with better graphics for the new consoles I don’t care that much. The consoles will probably be able to run the game on High now not Low.


P.S. I don’t want graphical enhancements, I want a new game plus mode so I can just enjoy this game from start to finish.

Yeah. Get the sequel moving!


sweet! Ill get this and play it on ma xbone.


Well the problem with the Directors cut of DX:HR was that it was an older version of the game and brought a return to previously patched and quashed bugs for some of those who “upgraded” versions.


Sounds like the PC version had more than just TressFX going for it (which I don’t use anyway because it looks stupid). The changes listed are all based on what the console versions were missing…
“Our gameplay is now in full 1080p”,“see the sweat, mud, and blood on Lara”,”All of her textures are higher resolution as well.”, etc.
We already had these things in the PC version. I think the only major change will be the new character models.

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