Thief sidles up and quietly explains its system requirements – DirectX 10 minimum


By on January 20, 2014 at 6:10 pm

The release of the Thief reboot hits in just over one month – on February 25th – and while we all wait with no small amount of trepidation, Eidos have come out of the shadows to reveal the game’s PC requirements over on the official site.

Like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Tomb Raider, the PC version is being built by Nixxes, and a partnering with AMD will allow it to utilise AMD’s Eyefinity multi-display tech. Along with TrueAudio and Mantle, it will no doubt run rather nice on AMD video cards. It does require DirectX 10 at a minimum however, as well as at least 4GB of ram, 20GB hard drive space and a ‘high performance’ dual core CPU or a quad core CPU. In other words, what you’d expect from a triple A title these days.

Away from the minimum specs, the recommended specs are a bit more intensive:

OS: Windows 7 or 8
CPU: AMD FX 8000 series or better / Intel i7 Quad Core CPU
RAM: 4+ GB
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD / R9 series or better / Nvidia GTX 660 series or better
DirectX: DirectX 11

Will your PC do the game justice? I might need a new CPU by the sounds of it, but I’ve needed one for a while. Mostly though, I just hope the game does its predecessors justice.

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Nice caption for the picture, very clever!

Whatever the requirements – I’m bloody excited.


The GPU requirement seems a little misleading, its quite specific for the Nvidia GPU, but it leaves AMD up to interpretation as the HD series spans back several generations…


“partnering with AMD will allow it to utilise AMD’s Eyefinity multi-display tech.”

Most games utilise it anyway. I know that AMD classing a game as eyefinity and having eyefinity are two different things (the former having specific requirements in regards to UI) but the only 3 games I’ve ever had not work out of the box with eyefinity are AC4 (letterboxing that requires flawless widescreen), Witcher 2 (massive pillarboxing), and Borderlands 2 (the UI is designed for eyefinity with 1080p screens so is a bit awkward to use).

As for the recommended, that’s usually for games to get high settings (i.e. skyrim) but I guess we’ll see.


The GPU requirement seems a little misleading, its quite specific for the Nvidia GPU, but it leaves AMD up to interpretation as the HD series spans back several generations…

I think the Intel CPU requirements are equally as vague. There has been 4 generations of i7s. Also I doubt my i7-950 is a minimum for Thief unless they magically manage to make my CPU get utilized for the first time.


Dammit, you know what I hate, getting excited about a new game in a beloved series that you are terrified will be a damn dog >_<


I too was a little concerned abut the i7 part. Then I remembered my last CPU was an i7 and my newer i5 is significantly faster.

Vague requirements are vague.


Well shit… good thing i didn’t preorder yet then, i can’t even remotely play that.

I guess i need to finally get off my ass and do a new build, wish they’d hurry up with that single card 290x crossfire card alreay.


Since those are recommended specs, I think my GTX570 might still survive. Everything else is fine. Might have to tweak a little is all.


As someone who loved Dishonored, I look forward to Thief >:3


Here’s hoping my Radeon 6950 will be good enough. And that the game will be worth playing.

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