Thief hands-on: Check out new gameplay footage in our video preview


By on January 25, 2014 at 12:31 am

Earlier this week had the chance to sit down for four hours of Thief, ahead of its launch in February. Stick around as we walk you through some new footage and share our impressions of Eidos’ upcoming reboot.

Thief launches in Australia on February 28.

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I’m eagerly anticipating not being able to hide in all the places i want to just because i can’t jump.


From the gameplay footage, doesn’t look like jump would be all that useful anyway unless you really think you can hide on top of a desk. Looks more like a route planning exercise rather than human monkey style like Assassin’s creed.

Still going to wait until the release reviews.


Great video, GON is really getting their video articles/reviews/letsplays better with each video released.


Wonder how moddable this is.
A.K.A I wonder how long it will be before some bucking team restores bare-bones-basic Jumping/mantling ability.

Would love a playable demo appearing on steam over the next week or so to get a feel for just how jarring this *design choice* really is, as opposed to just constantly hearing about how it’s fine, especially when we used it so much in the previous games.


Well I did enjoy Dishonored. Maybe I can learn to enjoy this too.


Looks good, getting this for sure.


I was cautiously optimistic but after hearing all of this, colour me hyped!


That seems to be better than expected. I like the idea of a custom difficulty mode, sounds interesting. That said the video doesn’t say much about the lore, which is one of the many jigsaw pieces that makes a thief game, instead of just another stealth game about a guy with a chronically bad jumping disability.


I was among the sceptical as far as a rebooted thief game but after seeing this i’m optimistic and keen to get it.


That seems to be better than expected.I like the idea of a custom difficulty mode, sounds interesting.That said the video doesn’t say much about the lore, which is one of the many jigsaw pieces that makes a thief game, instead of just another stealth game about a guy with a chronically bad jumping disability.

Pretty unforgivable that they apparently retconned Garret’s origin, heard the keepers don’t even exist in it any more? Same with Hammerites and Pagans etc?
Would have been nice to hear some more of that.
Eh, will still be a ~$10 sale buy for me, I remain unconvinced.


Well they are taking the whole “reboot” option which means that sadly they can change whatever they wish – sadly from a long time fans perspective.

The Beggar Queen seems quite like Gamall to me and Erin, well if you’ve played the original series it’s not hard to see where she comes from (yes I won’t even plot spoil the game 10 years after the series has finished :P )

The classical factions seem to be gone for the most part thought The City Watch and the fact that there is a Baron as lord of the city remains. I’m pretty sure that in some footage there were some Keeper Glyphs located somewhere – not that I personally spotted but I recall reading someone mentioning it. Orion and his cult seem to be rather reminiscent of the Pagans. The only remanant of the Mechanists seems to be the bonus pre-order mission – a reimagining of the First City Bank and Trust mission from Thief II (ie in the footage for this level you can see cameras ala Karra’s security systems).

EM have promised “easter eggs” to fans of the original series so it will be interesting to see what is in there as it seems that these “easter eggs” may just be “appeasement features” :P As people who are not fans of the previous games probably wouldn’t know what they even were.

It’s is sounding interesting enough, bummed about the lack of jumping, no more leaping into a darkened area in the nick of time without it being a selected predetermined option.

Edit: I’m avoiding reading quite a few previews out there that directly spoil the first four hours of gameplay. Has a horror level too, one that TDS players may enjoy.


Wow im pretty impressed with how this has shaped up. I’ll prob still wait for reviews, but im alot more keen to get it now :D


Looks like what Dishonored NLG should’ve been with the rope arrows and such. I’m also to what the game was like before they changed it due to nagging.


Great video, GON is really getting their video articles/reviews/letsplays better with each video released.

Yep it’s a quality preview Tim, done really well.


it looks pretty good, but having never really fallen in love with the thief series ill see what reviews are like, then maybe purchase it on sale.


Nice video, I’m reasonably keen for this game (But then again, I’ve never quite felt the sky was falling about it either).


You had me at Ironman mode. I finally have some confidence that I’m going to enjoy this game. Possibly more than 3, but probably not as much as 1 & 2.


Even if it turns out shit (or not suitably Thief-like), we’ll always have The Dark Mod.



The Dark Mod is awesome. It’s kind of funny when you can point at a fan-made mod and say a commercial product has a lot to live up to but it certainly feels that way.

(plus you can jump in the Dark Mod – heheh!)



That’s the plan! Glad you’re *enjoying it.

*go away me, you’re drunk

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