The Witcher 3′s Australian distribution to be handled by Namco Bandai

The Witcher

By on January 21, 2014 at 8:38 am

Namco Bandai’s Australian office send word that they will again be handling the distribution for the Witcher series, bringing The Wild Hunt to Australian shores when it launches, er… sometime this year (there’s no release date yet).

Although many PC gamers will doubtless be grabbing it through, the fact that Wild Hunt is the conclusion to the trilogy may hopefully mean some sweet physical editions with some equally sweet trinkets within.

Check out the delicious VGX 2013 Witcher 3 trailer right here.

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Always been a sucker for The Witcher and their anti-DRM practices.

I’ve bought them both on GOG and pre-ordered physical collectors edition for both PC and Xbox as well. Will do the same here! Give me all the versions!


Witcher 3 does look great.. but Cyberpunk 2077 is the game I want to see atm.


Not sure I like this news. Remember how GOG had to price jack Aussies for The Witcher 2 when it initially launched?



They’ve worked around that now by memory and shouldn’t be a problem – regardless – that’s less of a publisher issue and more of the laws with the Retail industry.



If I recall, it was ‘conveniently’ at the same time NB Australia decided to force GoG to price jack the Australian version of the game that they decided that automatically detecting customer location wasn’t working properly and let the customer change that themselves. I can almost hear them turning to Australians and going “hey guys, we know you’ll honestly say you’re from Australia right? Wink wink…”



The games originally included DRM, and CDPR was that distraught over their claimed ’1 in 20 people that played the game actually bought it’ rate that they decided to start fining pirates for over 1000 euros I believe (which they were “100% sure” of), but then they stopped that when people were asking CDPR ‘what the hell do you think you are doing?’



Yeah – I followed everything they did pretty closely. The Witcher 2 on GOG never came with any form of DRM – and both TW1 and TW2 retail editions had the DRM patched out of them …which is something I wish other companies would do – 6 or 12 months after release or even 2 years – patch out the DRM so players who bought the game can now play it forever without needing to worry about the servers shutting off or authentication failing.


I got the CE for 2 so I’ll do what I can to get this one here, but if it needs to come from Amazon again, so be it.



The DRM was patched out of the retail copies before they tried the whole “sue pirates” thing. The fine they were asking was €911.80. Plus I don’t imagine there will be a repeat performance, as they realized quite quickly that fighting piracy this way was going to hurt their reputation more than slow down the number of illegal copies. I should think we won’t see that happen again, they’re not that stupid.

In fact the only reason the DRM existed in the retail copies of TW1/2 (and will exist in the retail copy of TW3) is all thanks to Namco Bandai, not CD Projekt Red. Of course keep hating the guys for a mistake they made 2 years ago and quickly learnt from.


Price jacking on retail box guaranteed.. GOG will offer some games to the equivalent value again maybe this year? Or maybe they will stick to their ‘one currency, one price’ this time!?


happy owner of both collector editions, eagerly waiting for news on a collectors edition for #3

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