Skyrim sells over 20 million units, Bethesda understandably pretty chuffed


By on January 28, 2014 at 12:47 pm

Bethesda have announced today that Skyrim has now sold over 20 million units since launching in 2011. Needless to say, that makes it basically the biggest-selling Elder Scrolls title by a long shot, but Bethesda aren’t clear on whether that’s copies sold or copies delivered to stores (or a mixture of both). The news comes to us via Gamespot, who are reportedly asking for clarification.

If you’ve already played the proverbial poop out of Skyrim, you might want to keep an eye on Skywind — it’s a new mod that seeks to recreate Morrowind inside Skyrim, and it’s looking frankly badass. Here’s everything we’ve written about it.

Source: Gamespot

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Continuing strong sales 3 years later shows you what can happen when you embrace the modding community:) congratulations to bathesta, would like to see skywind get some support from the publisher to help in development They could sell it like an expation ;)


Eh. Bethesda have no option but to embrace the modding community. Every game they release is pretty buggy, then the modding community fixes them, and they don’t even have to pay them! Plus they still get to look like the good guys.

Skyrim deserves it’s 20 mil though. congrats for pushing the envelope a little further.


That’s right publishers – a single player game without multiplayer elements and with strong support for the modding community has pushed 20 million in sales.



The key thing here though is that it was primarily a console game and was marketed/hyped to hell and back.


Imagine what it could have done if they had shipped with co-op!! …no wait it would have been buggy as shit.

Imagine if they added an expansion with Co-OP!!! :D



Still doesn’t change the fact it was a single player only game.

I’ve long since cried foul at the number of games forcing multiplayer into single player experiences and changing IPs to MMOs.

Console or PC doesn’t matter – 20 million in sales for a single player only game gives me hope that more big tent-pole style single player games will get made in the future.



That doesn’t explain the continued high level of sales 3 years on. If the game was bad it wouldn’t still be selling now.



‘bad’ is subjective, it’s selling a lot because of hype, popularity, and in recent months discounted sales.
It has a lot of faults, but it’s still an alright game (with mods).


But what makes it popular? And who’s hyping it, Bethesda wouldn’t need to hype it anymore, they’ve earned their coin already. It’d be the players hyping the crap out of it.

Discounted sales definitely help , but it’s been on the discounted sales list for 2 years running now.

The game does have it’s flaws, but it’s still a great game that’s worthy of it’s 20mil sales figure.


Auite a coincidence. I just uninstalled my copy of Skyrim, not ten minutes ago!


unitzero: I just uninstalled my copy of Skyrim,

But… but, hard drives are so cheap, why would you uninstall Skyrim?



The key thing here though is that it was primarily a console game and was marketed/hyped to hell and back.

In what possible universe was it “primarily a console game”?

It moved more units on console (just like everything does), but it’s pretty much the definition of a PC game IMHO. It thrives on high end hardware, has controls which work much better on PC, and has little to no Console Dudebro Syndrome (it’s a thing, look it up). Plus as I recall the console versions looked like ass and in the case of the PS3 ran like ass.

They ‘key thing’ is that it’s a rich, carefully crafted singleplayer experience with almost unlimited flexibility. It simulates an entire fantasy world and allows the player total freedom to explore and experience it. Basically, it’s what games should be.

If Bethesda was smart, they’d release a PS4/XBone “Skyrim: Ultimate Edition” with all the perks of the PC version (high res textures, high res graphics in particular) and all DLC, and maybe even a cut down form of mod support. I reckon they’d sell another million billion units.


ooshp: But… but, hard drives are so cheap, why would you uninstall Skyrim?

^ agree


Auite a coincidence.I just uninstalled my copy of Skyrim, not ten minutes ago!

You probably have an advantage – the biggest challenge IMHO is getting the game to work at all after a 6 month break when all 340000 installed mods have ceased development, been updated a squillion times, require random new .dlls, etc etc.


caitsith01:Plus as I recall the console versions looked like ass.

The PC version looked like ass graphics wise too. Better than PS3? Maybe. Good for PC? Not even close. Add that in with the horrible UI, poor animation and lack of voice acting and it felt like primarily a console game for me too.

There is more to a PC game than allowing modding and console commands.


ooshp: But… but, hard drives are so cheap, why would you uninstall Skyrim?

Space had a bit to do with it. But it was more the style of gameplay that felt like a never ending shopping list. Actions didn’t have lasting consequences and the world began to feel too small. No hard feelings or anything. I just wanted to make room for something else.

Nasty Wet Smear

According to the Square Enix and EA business model, only 400 million more sales till they break even.


Very well said. You get it. Cookies etc.


Did you play a Bethesda game close to release or without mods? Silly sod. You can’t do that. Of course it’ll look a bit dated, be kinda boring and somewhat broken. That’s what mods are for! It was an almost perfect foundation for mods (which is what all Bethesda games are), it looks wonderful on my system with quite a few graphical mods and is stacks of fun even with a couple of gameplay mods. I enjoyed it before modding and absolutely love it with mods. UI? Easily fixed. Graphically it competes with anything I’ve seen recently. Animations, I’m not completely sure I agree that needs fixing, but its been done. Voice acting was pretty shit though, I’ll give you that.


I really enjoyed Skyrim when it came out I think played about 200hours.
After modding it I messed up save games and then all quests somehow reset.

Waiting for an all in one overhaul mod that is an easy one install, like Stalker’s Complete mod :P If not wont bother playing again I think.

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